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RadioShack AMA, Wikipedia Page + SafeMoon representative invited on Pawthcast

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RadioShack AMA, Wikipedia Page + SafeMoon representative invited on Pawthcast


By Pawthereum

a year ago
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RadioShack AMA, Wikipedia Page + SafeMoon representative invited on Pawthcast

Pawth Forward

We have been seeing the amount of activity from our wonderful community members and would like to voice our appreciation for all of the support & engagement. We have also noticed how a lot of you would like to contribute more to development and while we have made efforts on making it easier with our DAO, we are constantly developing new ways for community involvement.

There is a platform being involved that basically invites everyone to be part of the Pawthereum team. Transparency is a priority for us and we how finally figured out a way to easily and efficiently share almost every bit of information that we have through that platform (only those that are absolutely necessary and sensitive to be shared wouldn’t be added) and anyone interested can check them out. The platform will include things that have happened recently as well as everything that the Pawthereum project has done since its very launch. It won’t be visually attractive (at least at first), but it will get the job done for sure.

It’s mostly read-only information but we can easily invite people to work on it if that is of interest to anyone in the community. Publishing the platform will happen in the next few days but we can extend early invites to a Beta for interested community members. If you would like to join the platform, please let us know in the Pawthereum telegram channel.

As you might know by now, Pawthereum will not stop, no matter the circumstances or market conditions. Our plan to change the world through charitable blockchain technology is in full swing and our community has every intention of carrying this plan forward well into the future. Thank you for following the pawgress and being part of our community.

Now let’s get to some great news…

Wikipedia page

Pawthereum has its own Wikipedia page!

Another goal reached! Crypto projects are heavily scrutinized by Wikipedia. This is a credible and noteworthy moment for the Pawthereum project and is great news for animals everywhere.

SafeMoon Giveaway

26/99 NFTs have already been minted
$10,000 worth of SAFEMOON tokens will be randomly given away to one address that holds a Founder’s Coin. A snapshot will be taken on July 15th and the winner will be announced live on the SafeMoon MoonCast on July 17th.
Please check out this website for more information:

In addition to this, there is a SafeMoon representative joining our next week's Pawthcast on July 5th at 4pm UTC.

Tune in here:

RadioShack AMA

RadioShack has been making a buzz as of late with their unique marketing strategy. Pawthereum was one of the first projects listed on the RadioShack DEX and we’ve been invited to talk with RadioShack on July 4th at 2pm. Mark your calendar and join RadioShack’s Discord in order to tune in:


The Pawthereum Core Team


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