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ParaState Newsletter June 2022


ParaState Newsletter June 2022


By SafeStake

a year ago
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ParaState Newsletter June 2022

June was an eventful month for ParaState. In this newsletter, we will look at the major achievements of the month. Many new members have joined us this month. We would like to extend our gratitude to our community for their support, commitment to ParaState, and activity on social networks to promote our mission to become the first EWASM solution in the blockchain industry.

Let's start!

ParaState on CoinMarketCap
We have a Parastate Gravity account on CoinMarketCap.We need  2K subscribers and we are ready to go. Follow us!Link for ParaState Gravity account.Also we would be grateful for the addition of $STATE to your CoinMarketCap watchlist and comments about Parastate. Link is here.

SafeStake Galileo Incentivized Testnet: “Operators” Onboarding Announcement

We are targeting the launch of the Galileo incentivized testnet for July. And we expect to implement SafeStake within the ParaState ecosystem to drive high demand for $STATE tokens after the ETH2.0 PoS merge.

We are starting with an early access program for a limited number of “Operators.” Secure your spot by submitting an onboarding form as soon as you can. Verified operators will have a chance to win one free-mint of the ParaState governance NFT and have early access to the testnet rewards. Welcome to SafeStake!The early access onboarding form for  'Operators'

ParaState & SafeStake Gleam Campaign!

Follow the steps outlined in GLEAM .
Participate and have a chance to win NFTs! Maximize your chances of winning by sharing referral links with your friends. More points -more chances of winning. Good luck to all! 😉More details about the contest are here.

Parastate Tech Talks at Polkadot Decoded 2022

Parastate will take part in Polkadot Decoded 2022 on June 30th. Michael Yuan (co-founder) will talk about how to "Use Rust to write Ethereum smart contracts for Substrate".The SewUp project provides an SDK that compiles Rust programs into Ethereum- flavored WebAssembly bytecode, which could then run on ParaState's EWASM pallet and testnet. It enables Rust developers to create smart contracts that can be operated by existing Ethereum wallets and Dapp tools. Michael Yuan will demonstrate how to create and execute ERC-20 and ERC-721 contracts using Rust in this talk.Link to the event here.

AMA with Oddgems

On June 28th we had an AMA session with Oddgems on the Telegram channel. Oddgems is an investor and owner at OGV World Technologies. He has a large crypto community. During the AMA our ambassador Dmytro shared information about ParaState and SafeStake, introduced our team, and answered questions from community members.

To learn more about the project or take a deeper dive into the technology or use cases, we would like to draw your attention to the articles published this month.

The Underlying Utility of NFTs: Adding Value for Digital Collections

Evolution From the Proof-of-Work Consensus Layer to the Proof-of-Stake Protocol

Project Updates, 1st Governance Vote and Restructuring Notice

The Consensus Protocol Behind SafeStake and Facebook's LibraBFT

About ParaState

ParaState takes Ethereum chain support to the next level through WasmEdge. Develop and execute high-speed smart contracts with built-in Ethereum compatibility (EVM and EWASM) and interoperability in next-level programming languages like Rust, C ++, and Golang.

Parastate is participating in ETH2.0 PoS Staking with a new tech stack called SafeStake, a trust-minimized, middle-layer fostering the decentralization of ETH2.0 staking. SafeStake is a non-custodial infrastructure for distributed validator technology written in Rust, implementing HotStuff consensus and Threshold signing architecture to provide more robust security for ETH 2.0 PoS.

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