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BogSwap DEX Aggregator — DeFi trading tool for BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos, Fantom, Harmony, MoonRiver, KCC, HECO and OEC

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BogSwap DEX Aggregator — DeFi trading tool for BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos, Fantom, Harmony, MoonRiver, KCC, HECO and OEC

Bogged Finance

By Bogged Finance

Created a year ago, last updated a year ago
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BogSwap DEX Aggregator — DeFi trading tool for BSC, Polygon, Avalanche, Cronos, Fantom, Harmony, MoonRiver, KCC, HECO and OEC

What is BogSwap?

BogSwap is primarily a DEX aggregator. This means that whenever a token trader places an order, BogSwap intelligently searches all integrated Decentralised Exchanges to find the best available price.
But doesn’t a token always trade at the same price wherever you buy it?

The same token on different DEXes almost always differs in price.

Each DEX is an individual market. Swap made on one DEX will affect only the liquidity pool (and therefore price) in that DEX. As a result, there may be a price difference between DEXes.

BogSwap takes advantage of this difference and automatically routes your trades through the cheaper DEX. You can use BogSwap on 10 blockchains, and with over 50 DEXes listed, you can be sure BogSwap will save you money as a DeFi trader.

Сurrently supported chains

  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Polygon
  • Fantom
  • Avalanche
  • Cronos
  • Harmony One
  • MoonRiver
  • HECO Chain
  • KuCoin Chain
  • OKExChain

BogSwap features and benefits for traders

BogSwap isn’t just an aggregator, it also has many other advanced features.
  1. AutoTax
    Ever had your slippage set at a reasonable value yet the trade doesn’t go through due to high token tax? Let BogSwap handle the tax automatically with AutoTax.

  2. Multi Tx
    Submit more than one transaction when making a swap. Useful for certain trading strategies and avoiding TX limits.

  3. Token Pre-Approval
    Approve a token before liquidity is added, perfect for getting early buys on a token.

  4. Faster Swaps
    At Bogged Finance we know how much time could matter when trading cryptocurrencies. BogSwap has many under-the-hood features making it much faster than other competitors.

  5. Pre-set gas
    Lock in your required GWEI before making a trade.

  6. No extra fees
    As most other Bogged Finance products BogSwap works with absolutely no fees or extra charges.

All in all, BogSwap offers many competitive advantages. It's extremely convenient to do everything in one interface rather than having to check each individual DEX page for the best price.

Token Teams Benefits

I manage / develop a token / DEX, how can BogSwap benefit my project?

At Bogged Finance we understand what it’s like managing any kind of DeFi project. That’s why we’ve designed BogSwap around some of the challenges that this presents.

  • Simple to use interface to make buying as easy as possible for new users;

  • BogSwap can be embedded directly into your website for free;

  • Your users get the best price while all of your LP pools get utilised, all in one place;

  • Linking to BogSwap & BogCharts pages will boost your token's ranking in Trending Tokens of BogCharts, making it visible to 3 million monthly visitors.

How to swap tokens on BogSwap

Using BogSwap is easier than just a regular DEX. There is no need to set slippage and the main token list includes the most active markets on the blockchain you are connected to.

For more experienced users there are advanced settings available: Route Refresh Time, Multi Tx, Custom Gas Price, and others.

In case you are interested in placing a DeFi Limit Order or Stop Loss - there is such an option at Bogged Finance as well. It will require holding a small portion of BOG governance token to get the advantage of these types of orders.
BogSwap DEX Aggregator:

Support and further guidance

Have any extra questions or help requests? Check our DeFi Trading Guides at BogAcademy and join our Telegram Chat to get support from the community and Bogged Finance team members.


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