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FOTA Heroes: Ciara - When Undeath Meets Beauty

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FOTA Heroes: Ciara - When Undeath Meets Beauty


By FOTA_FightOfTheAges

a year ago
1 min read
FOTA Heroes: Ciara - When Undeath Meets Beauty

In the universe of endless wars in FOTA, you either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself becoming darkness. Such is the tale of Ciara, who was once one of the most beautiful and prolific goddesses on Greenland.

Once upon a time, humans placed their absolute faith in the gods of Greenland. Yet, over time, they meddled with dark magic that offered them great powers. At some point, human sorcerers were strong enough to drain the divine forces of the gods, and Ciara was one of their victims.

Overwhelmed by her beauty, the lustful human imprisoned Ciara. Once her brother, Cyril, found out, Ciara had already lost most of her power. After a ruthless massacre of the traitorous humans, Cyril and Ciara left Greenland for the Nightmare, where their rage and sorrow were imbued with Darkness, turning them into agents of infernal chaos.

Now, Ciara has become an undead assassin and embodies the lust and horror of all creatures when night falls.



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