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BitShares Blockchain (built-in) Liquidity Pools

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BitShares Blockchain (built-in) Liquidity Pools


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BitShares Blockchain (built-in) Liquidity Pools

Table of Contents

BitShares Liquidity Pools is one of the most advanced (built-in) financial technology features running on BitShares Blockchain core node.
On Sep, 2020 BitShares core team had introduced the first of a kind decentralized (built-in) Liquidity Pools financial technology framework which enabled BitShares Blockchain to enrich it’s Financial Technology users and network to utilize a secured decentralized investments framework for liquidity providers and Blockchain users who are looking for a decentralized framework for liquidity investment and liquidity exchange while Blockchain itself plays the role of the custadian of the users financial means and assets.
BitShares Liquidity pools became one of the foundational technologies behind the current BitShares Blockchain (DeFi) ecosystem. They are an essential part of automated market makers (AMM) and borrow-lend functions of (DeFi).
BitShares Liquidity Pools are one of the core financial technologies behind advancing the (DeFi) technology stack, they'd enabled decentralized trading, lending, yield generation, and much more functions. BitShares Liquidity Pools empower almost every aspect of (DeFi) technology stake.
Technically, BitShares Liquidity Pool is a user issued asset that can be created by BitShares Blockchain user in order to automate market making for a pair of two different assets; one of those assets might be BTS the utility core asset while the other can be any other User Issued Asset; creator of the asset "liquidity pool asset" cannot issue from “liquidity pool asset” directly; Blockchain will be issuing the“liquidity pool asset” to the associated user who had deposited pair assets into the “liquidity pool asset”; the first “liquidity pool” deposit which must be done by “liquidity pool asset” creator would determine the starting price of “liquidity pool asset” and exchange rate between the assets pair, its the price of next exchange between both of assets within liquidity pool; next price of liquidity pool would be changing automatically, any user who has balance from both of assets of the liquidity pool can deposit in liquidity pool according to liquidity pool’s price, users on BitShares can exchange with the liquidity pool as if it is a market, to sell/buy and can stake their liquidity as deposit and withdraw them including a “shared revenue” of the liquidity pool, assets in liquidity pool doesn’t belong to “liquidity pool” creator; hence “liquidity pool” creator can delete liquidity pool ONLY in case its empty and can only decide taker/maker % while creating it but cannot change them after creating the liquidity pool.

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