What Is Full Send (FULLSEND)?
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What Is Full Send (FULLSEND)?

CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into a frictionless yield and deflationary smart contract protocol that aims to educate the world about the crypto space.

What Is Full Send (FULLSEND)?

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Full Send is a project developed to provide a “frictionless” yield protocol that will help investors get involved in cryptocurrency and earn tokens on their holdings. Full Send is on a mission to send their value to “Olympus”, their spin on the popular “to the moon” phrase. Since the project is mainly geared toward increasing the value of investors’ portfolios with coin burning strategy and static rewards, it could be categorized as a meme crypto along the lines of projects like SafeMoon (SAFEMOON). 
Full Send is following a roadmap that aims to increase the FULLSEND token’s value as much as possible while rewarding holders. During the journey, the project is also seeking to protect users by locking up liquidity until 2025, a common practice among similar coins now (although for a shorter period). The project is seeking to be as user-friendly as possible with the Olympus platform to educate users on DeFi and popularize crypto in an untapped market. 
Cryptocurrency projects, like Full Send, often leave the founding team anonymous. However, to keep the entire project transparent, Full Send revealed its team on its website. The founder of this project goes by the name, Joshua (CEO), and the marketing team can be seen on the website’s team page. The project has been operating since 2021 and has gained sufficient funding and holders to push it forward. 

Will Full Send Ever Hit 1 Cent? 

Seeing a token value rise to $0.01 is a big milestone when it comes to meme cryptocurrencies. Full Send’s supply of 1 quadrillion is fairly standard when it comes to memecoins. With its coin-burning policy and strategy to spread the use of the FULLSEND token, they hope to see the price rise quickly. However, it is impossible to say if the token will succeed in reaching a price of one cent or beyond. 


The FULLSEND price is now hovering at a current price of around $0.000000003302, as of August 3, 2021. Meme cryptocurrencies most often start out at an incredibly low price to attract investors to purchase millions of tokens that may one day be worth millions of dollars in the best-case scenario. 

How Does Full Send Work?

Full Send will work primarily by increasing the value of the FULLSEND token to benefit users. The value of the token will rely on how much they can grow their following and base of holders, as well as how many coins they burn to decrease the supply. Meme tokens like this aren’t designed to solve problems in the crypto space. Instead, they are made to provide a 100x or 1,000x ROI to those who get in early enough. 
Full Send is built using the Binance Smart Chain, a popular choice for similar new projects. The BSC provides fast transaction speed, smart contracts, and high throughput. It will enable the Full Send protocol to minimize its transaction fees that will consequently benefit the whole project. Therefore, Full Send’s custom transaction fee of 10% has the following breakdown: 
  • 5% of the fee will automatically go to every wallet that holds Full Send, as a reward to holders
  • The other half of the fee (5%) will be burned, or taken out of the token supply, thereby promoting scarcity and value. 

In principle, the earlier investors buy into Full Send, the more they will stand to gain as the token rises in value to milestones like 1 cent. 

What Makes Full Send Unique?

Full send is similar to other memecoins, but it has grown a solid community and will be offering benefits like the Olympus platform that is designed to bring more people into cryptocurrency. They will also be launching their own merchandise and NFTs to support the token as they grow and get listed on more exchanges. 

How Does Full Send Stack Up To Other Cryptos

Full Send looks to be a standard meme crypto project with a few differentiating factors, including its yet-to-be-launched crypto education platform, named Olympus. Moreover, the project offers rewards from its transactions fee to holders, an increasingly common practice in the memecoin family. However, if they can gain more holders and followers through their marketing strategies, the price will quickly climb! It will be anyone’s guess as to whether the new token will ever reach one cent or beyond, but it has as good a chance as any at making its followers and founders rich!

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