The Beginner's Guide on How to Use Crypto Faucets in 2022
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The Beginner's Guide on How to Use Crypto Faucets in 2022

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CoinMarketCap Academy explains crypto faucets — a way to earn cryptocurrency for free, and what the best crypto faucets sites are in 2022.

The Beginner's Guide on How to Use Crypto Faucets in 2022

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Crypto faucets generate free cryptocurrency, if only in tiny amounts. If you don't know how to use a crypto faucet but want to earn free crypto, you are in the right place. In this article, CoinMarketCap Academy looks at:
  • What a crypto faucet is.
  • How crypto faucets make money.
  • What you need to look for when choosing a faucet.
  • Whether using faucets makes financial sense.
  • How to use the best crypto faucets in 2022

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What Is a Crypto Faucet?

Crypto faucets are sites where you can earn crypto for free. Unfortunately, the free crypto you receive is only a few satoshis. Remember: 1 bitcoin = 100 million satoshis. Therefore, crypto faucets will not make you rich.
You receive the cryptocurrency either for free or by completing a small task. This can be watching a short advertisement, solving a captcha, or playing a short game. Gavin Andresen, a Bitcoin Core developer, created the first Bitcoin faucet. Back then, you simply needed to solve a captcha and that would earn you 5 bitcoins, worth almost $200,000 now! But let's be honest — you would have probably sold them before they’re worth thousands.

How Do Crypto Faucets Make Money?

Crypto faucets work like regular ad websites. They display advertisements and earn with every clickthrough that happens. If a crypto faucet shows you an advertisement video before receiving your satoshis, it earns a tiny amount of money. The websites also earn from banner ads they display on the site.

What To Look For in a Crypto Faucet

Crypto faucets look similar on the surface, but several key differences exist between them. Here are some things you ought to look out for:

How Often Can You Withdraw?

Most Bitcoin faucets pay a few satoshis only and not directly to your wallet. You have to use the faucet a lot before you can withdraw. The best faucets have smaller withdrawal limits.

How Often Can You Use the Crypto Faucet?

Faucets have a timer between claims, often between five minutes and one hour. The best faucets will only have short periods before you can use them again.

How Can You Withdraw?

Some faucets do allow direct withdrawals to your personal Bitcoin wallet. Even though it is only a tiny amount, this is better than using a third-party wallet with a limit.

Does It Have a Referral Program?

Crypto faucets are not very popular anymore. But you may have a friend or two that want to learn Bitcoin. They can be good candidates as referrals, and you can earn free satoshis for referring them.

Is It Valuable To Use Crypto Faucets?

Crypto faucets are a decent way of learning your way around cryptocurrencies. They also allow you to earn your first crypto and experience that feeling of receiving free money on the internet. However, be aware that crypto faucets do not pay out enough to be a worthwhile side income.

How To Use Crypto Faucets in 2022: The 5 Best Crypto Faucets


On Cointiply, you can earn free coins every hour. Coins are tied to the U.S. dollars and every 10,000 coins equals USD$1.00. After you sign up with your email and (not necessarily real) name, you can win between 18 and 100,000 coins per hour. There is also a coin jackpot and a multiplier bonus. If you want to earn your cryptocurrency fair and square, you can complete surveys and get paid guaranteed coins. You can then withdraw those coins earned to your Bitcoin, DOGE, Dash or LTC wallets. The withdrawal threshold is 30,000 coins for Dogecoin, Dashcoin and Litecoin, and 50,000 coins for Bitcoin.


Bitcoinker allows you to claim seven satoshis for free, up to 120 times per 24 hours. The minimum withdrawal threshold to your own Bitcoin wallet is 20,000 satoshi. Simply paste your address and solve the Captcha, and the satoshis will be accumulated until you reach the withdrawal threshold.

Freebitcoin is a lottery site where the amount of satoshis you receive depends on the number you roll. Once per hour you can claim free satoshis and will be paid according to the listed prize win amounts. The hourly prizes can be up to $200.


On Faucetcrypto, you can earn up to 20 different cryptocurrencies. You can complete surveys, view videos, or claim cryptocurrency every 25 minutes. The coins on Faucetcrypto have a stable value and are only converted into crypto when you want to withdraw.


Coinpayu offers a Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin faucet. You can claim cryptocurrency every 60 minutes or view ads and complete offers to earn crypto. The minimum withdrawal threshold on Coinpayu is only 11,000 satoshis.

Grabtc promises you can earn thousands of satoshis per day and claim up to 0.03405 BTC per hour. To earn your rewards, you have to complete surveys, click on short links, and go through offer walls. We cannot verify how much work you have to do for earning that many rewards, but Grabtc shows proof of having paid out 2.63 bitcoin to its users.

Allcoins lists no less than 13 different cryptocurrencies with their own faucets. You can earn crypto by playing games like VegaDice (a lottery game) or Harvest Game (a play-to-earn game). You can also complete offer walls, and there are two free auto-claims per day for logging into the site.


Adbtc is a simple faucet where you can earn by viewing websites. It has a 10% referral program, and you can withdraw from only 1.500 satoshis. Advertisers can also use the site, and the cost-per-click starts at only two satoshis.


Cryptoly has a very tidy website with a faucet that pays up to 25% commission per referred customer. It supports 12 different cryptocurrencies. You can use the faucet once every 25 minutes, and you can also earn by completing captchas and other offers like surveys.


Freecardano is a Cardano-specific faucet that pays free ADA every hour by playing a simple game. The withdrawal threshold is only 5 ADA. Users can also follow the website on Twitter and receive free promo codes to have extra rolls in the game. Freecardano offers a generous referral program where users can earn 50% of their referred accounts' revenue.


FireFaucet supports 12 cryptocurrencies and intrigues users with several ways to increase their faucet earnings. It introduces different levels, bonuses and daily achievements to incentivize users to use its faucets and claims to have the highest rates on the market.

Satoshi Hero

Satoshi Hero is a Bitcoin faucet with a spin feature, offering three payouts every ten minutes. Users can withdraw after reaching a 30,000 satoshi balance. It also offers a referral program with a 50% payout rate per referred customer. Satoshi Hero is named after the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.


PipeFlare is a play-to-earn faucet with its own token. The site is of higher quality compared to most other faucets and has an active developer team working on improving it. Users can claim airdrops and compete in weekly leaderboards in several browser-based blockchain games. PipeFlare pays out in ZEC, MATIC and 1FLR.


Free Litecoin is a Litecoin faucet that hands out up to $300 in LTC every hour. Users can follow the faucet on Twitter to increase their rolls and can withdraw instantly after reaching the low minimum threshold. Free Litecoin also offers 50% referral fees for new customers.


Free Binance Coin is a BNB faucet with payouts of up to $300 for playing its game. Like with the Litecoin faucet and the Cardano faucet, users can refer other users and participate in free social media promotions to increase their chances of earning free BNB.


Free Tether is a popular USDT faucet that works similarly to the previous faucets. You receive the chance of a $300 payout and can refer other users and participate in giveaways on social media.


Are crypto faucets a fun and an easy way of earning a bit of cryptocurrency?

Definitely yes!

Are you going to make a lot of money using crypto faucets?

Absolutely not!

They are a nice way to make your first steps into the crypto world and maybe open a few different crypto wallets to withdraw the various coins you earned. However, don't expect anything fancy from crypto faucets, and you will probably get bored after you reach your first few withdrawal thresholds.
Try our Learn and Earn program if you want to earn free crypto while learning more about cryptocurrencies but are bored of crypto faucets. You can watch videos about emerging crypto projects and put your knowledge to the test by completing quizzes. Furthermore, airdrops are another way of earning tokens by learning about a project; keep an eye out on CoinMarketCap’s airdrop page to earn free tokens, with past airdrops including SAND, WAG and METIS.
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