CoinMarketCap Made Simple: A Breakdown of CMC Products & Features
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CoinMarketCap Made Simple: A Breakdown of CMC Products & Features

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New to crypto? Want to make the most out of what CMC offers? Here is a list of popular features and tools to help you get started!

CoinMarketCap Made Simple: A Breakdown of CMC Products & Features

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Since our launch in May 2013, CoinMarketCap has massively expanded in scope and utility.

Once a simple indexer for cryptocurrency prices and trading data, CoinMarketCap now consists of a growing suite of tools, services and features used to empower and inform the crypto community.

But we find that many users don’t benefit from the full breadth of what CoinMarketCap offers.

So, if you’re new to CoinMarketCap or cryptocurrencies and want to make the most of what the site offers, we break down the main CoinMarketCap features and tools to help you get started.

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Cryptocurrency Prices and Ranking

Our flagship feature, the cryptocurrency prices and ranking section of the website is by far our most used tool and is checked daily by millions of cryptocurrency users worldwide.

The price, market capitalization, price change and trading volumes of the most popular cryptocurrencies are available at a glance and can be used to inform trade decisions or get a quick look at the current health of a crypto project.

By selecting a specific cryptocurrency, you'll find an overview of the asset and its purpose, details about its supply and trading volume, a list of its trading markets, and more.

As it stands, CoinMarketCap ranks over 22,200 different cryptocurrencies by market capitalization — with new coins and tokens indexed every day.

Check out where your favorite cryptocurrency’s rank.

Historical Snapshots

The cryptocurrency landscape changes quickly. Digital assets that were once relatively obscure often climb the ranks to become better known, while even top 10 assets can collapse to almost nothing.

To help you get a better picture of how the cryptocurrency rankings have changed over time, CoinMarketCap provides a simple snapshot feature.

By selecting a historical snapshot, you'll see the cryptocurrency market overview as it was for that date, including the rank, market capitalization and price of a cryptocurrency at your selected date.

Choose your historical data snapshot here.

Portfolio Tracker

If you’re anything like most traders, then you’ve got your eye on a slew of different cryptocurrencies.

Keeping track of dozens or potentially hundreds of cryptocurrencies manually can be a daunting task, but the CoinMarketCap tracker makes it a whole lot simpler.

You can use the portfolio tracker tool to keep tabs on any cryptocurrency supported by CoinMarketCap, whether that be to track your current holdings, keep up-to-date on a specific array of coins/tokens, or stay on top of your P&L.
Through the CoinMarketCap portfolio tool, you can easily keep a record of your cryptocurrency transactions, including details like transaction date, fee and custom notes — which can prove useful for tax purposes or simple record-keeping.

Your portfolio is completely private and can be edited or deleted at any time.

Create your CoinMarketCap Portfolio here.

CMC Academy

CoinMarketCap Academy is our very own universal crypto library — designed to provide a comprehensive resource for all things cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Academy provides a wide range of materials that help you keep tabs on the latest crypto happenings and educate yourself about the latest projects, technologies and innovations.

With over 4,000 articles contributed by close to 150 authors, Academy has one of the most extensive collections of crypto content available anywhere.

Ranging from crypto basics to trading analysis, how-to guides, market research and more, Academy has something for everyone.

Not a fan of reading? We also cover the latest news, tips and guides on YouTube.

Gainers & Losers

If you’re constantly looking for the best and worst-performing cryptocurrencies, then the gainers and losers page can be a useful time saver.

The page tracks the best and worst performing cryptocurrencies over a given time frame and allows you to refine your search to only include large caps (top 100 cryptocurrencies) or also include mid-caps (top 500 cryptocurrencies).

The results only include coins/tokens that achieved more than $50,000 in 24hr trading volume, helping to filter illiquid assets.

Check out the Gainers & Losers feature.

Exchange Ranking

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the many gateways and on-ramps to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space — being indispensable for many cryptocurrency users.
But they can vary in their liquidity, number of markets available and range of supported fiat currencies. CoinMarketCap tracks hundreds of the most popular exchanges and ranks them by various metrics to help you find the exchange that best fits your needs.
Note that exchanges with a green check next to their name adhere to the new Proof-of-Reserves standard to prove their solvency.

At present, CoinMarketCap tracks three main types of cryptocurrency exchanges:

Click here to view our exchange rankings.

NFT Market Overview

If NFTs are your thing and you’d like to see an overview of the NFT market at a glance, CoinMarketCap has just the feature for you.
On the overall NFT stats page, you can find key insights about the most popular NFT collections, including their market capitalization, recent sale figures, floor price, average sale price over the last 24 hours and more.

By clicking 'View More,' you can access live stats for the most prominent NFT collections, including Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Clone X, Azuki, and almost 3000 other collections.

Or you can use the category and platform selectors to narrow your search to include only specific collections.

Click here to check out our NFT stats dashboard.


The CoinMarketCap converter calculator is a quick tool that allows you to instantly calculate the value of dozens of fiat currencies, commodities and cryptocurrencies compared to others, e.g. BTC:EUR or BNB:XAU.

If you regularly need to calculate the value of one asset priced in another, the converter calculator can be a great time-saver.

Try the calculator and bookmark it for quick access.

Chain Ranking

As the blockchain landscape becomes increasingly diverse, a wide array of both layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain platforms have emerged to help power new use cases, solve long-standing challenges and usurp older platforms.
The CoinMarketCap Chain Ranking feature allows you to keep tabs on the relative performance of the largest blockchains by TVL, protocol count and other metrics, helping you better understand which chains are up-and-coming and which are losing ground.

Today, the chain ranking page tracks over 150 independent blockchains, including well-established platforms like Ethereum and BNB Chain, as well as newer options like Optimism, Cronos, and Moonbeam.

Through the chain ranking page, you can easily track the TVL change and market capitalization of each platform, giving you a quick look at the L1/L2 landscape as it stands.

Check out the Chain Ranking page.

The Mobile App

Always on the go? Try the CoinMarketCap mobile app — it features everything that makes CoinMarketCap so useful but optimized for mobile.

Track over 35,000 crypto markets, follow your favorite projects, keep tabs on your portfolio, and manage your alerts all from your mobile device.

Access comprehensive insights about the most popular cryptocurrencies, keep on top of the latest news and quickly convert crypto to other cryptos or fiat using the powerful built-in price convertor.

The CoinMarketCap mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. Get it now.

CoinMarketCap API

The CoinMarketCap API is a powerful suite of RESTful JSON endpoints that can be used to support and power a huge range of use cases — including personal, academic and personal use cases.

The API allows users to easily access up-to-date and historical market data for different cryptocurrencies. This data can be used to make informed decisions, derive insights, power products and services, backtest strategies and more.

You can access 10,000 call credits per month and 11 market data endpoints for free using the basic plan, or you can upgrade to a paid plan to unlock additional call credits and up to 29 market data endpoints.

Or consider joining our API scholarship program to get access to top-notch insights for free.
Learn more about the CoinMarketCap API here.

CoinMarketCap Earn

CMC Earn is our pioneering educational initiative. It allows users to earn crypto assets as a reward for learning about various cryptocurrencies.

By watching a series of short educational videos about a project and completing any related short tasks, you can earn a predetermined amount of that project's tokens as a reward.

Each campaign only runs for a designated period of time, so you'll need to move quickly to ensure you're rewarded for your participation.

Previous projects have included heavyweights like TRON, NEAR Protocol, The Sandbox, Sushiswap, 1inch, The Graph and more!

Start earning now at CMC Earn.

Jobs Board

Ever wanted to work in crypto, blockchain, Web3 or the Metaverse? The CoinMarketCap jobs board can help you find a job suited to you.

The platform tracks jobs from dozens of both established and up-and-coming crypto firms and allows you to refine your search by keywords and location to find suitable opportunities — many of which pay in cryptocurrencies.

Consider creating one or more alerts to be automatically notified of new opportunities that meet your criteria direct to your inbox.

Visit the Jobs Board.

Diamond Rewards

CoinMarketCap diamonds is a program that rewards users for being active on CoinMarketCap — such as by logging into the website, participating in price predictions and airdrops, and completing other simple tasks.
Users earn Diamonds for their activity. These can be earned and saved over time and can be redeemed for a range of rewards — which have included gift cards, hardware wallets, exclusive NFTs, conference tickets, merch and more.

Users can also participate in several more advanced tasks to earn additional Diamonds, including referring friends to CoinMarketCap or accurately predicting the price of a cryptocurrency in the near future.

Click here to start earning CoinMarketCap Diamonds today.

ICO Calendar

The blockchain space is full of innovation and the next generation of projects is always developing behind the scenes.

Many of these opt to raise funds through an initial coin offering (ICO) or initial DEX offering (IDO) — fundraising models where users can buy tokens at a discounted price before they’re available to trade on public exchanges.

The CoinMarketCap ICO/IDO calendar keeps tabs on both ongoing and upcoming ICOs/IDOs, giving you a single resource to find new projects that are close to launching.

Check out the ICO Calendar.

Events Calendar

The blockchain and cryptocurrency industry moves fast, and it can be difficult to keep on top of everything that's happening.

But the CoinMarketCap crypto events calendar dramatically simplifies the task by aggregating all of the major events happening in the blockchain space all in one place — whether that be upcoming airdrops, blockchain fork announcements, important partnerships and exchange-related news.

Both the most important and trending events are highlighted for your convenience, helping you keep up to date at a glance.

Check out the Events Calendar.


Who doesn’t love free cryptocurrencies? If you’ve already completed all the CoinMarketCap Earn lessons, then you’ll find plenty more opportunities to get your hands on some freebies through our exclusive airdrops.

Browse a list of completed, ongoing and upcoming airdrops, and easily participate using your CoinMarketCap account.

Click here to take part.


New to the space or simply want to brush up on the latest crypto jargon? The CoinMarketCap Crypto Glossary will help you steer you in the right direction.
Whether you’re looking to decipher that new crypto whitepaper or simply impress your crypto native friends with some new lingo, the CoinMarketCap Glossary covers everything from ASIC to Zero Knowledge Proofs.
Visit the Glossary.


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