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Statistik för ENNO Cash


kr 1,682,218
Volym (24 h)


kr 212,658
Volym/marknadsvärde (24h)
Självrapporterat cirkulerande utbud
5,314,328 ENNO
Totalt utbud
Max. tillgång
10,000,000 ENNO
Helt utspätt marknadsvärde (HUM eller FDMC)
kr 3,165,438
ENNO till SEK - valutaomvandlare
24 h 
Högsta någonsin
Nov 07, 2021 (2 years ago)
Lägsta någonsin
Oct 24, 2023 (4 months ago)
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5950th / 8.9K
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Nyheter om ENNO Cash


Om ENNO Cash

ENNO Cash is a governance token of Enno Wallet. Active Enno Wallet users are eligible to receive Enno Cash tokens based on the size of their activities and their shares of total activities by other users. Enno Cash token incentivizes Enno Wallet users to get more from their crypto assets.

ENNO Cash is the native utility token of Enno Wallet. The current and planned use-cases of Enno Cash token include: - Sponsored Assets: ENNO Cash holders will be able to use Enno Cash tokens to sign transactions on Waves Blockchain. - Staking incentives: ENNO Cash holders will be able to stake Enno Cash tokens to receive daily Enno Cash rewards. - Governance: ENNO Cash stakers will vote to vote determine the weights of rewards for distribution in the future. Enno Cash stakers will gain voting power and participate in the governance process to change product parameters. - Enno Wallet club membership rights: Enno Wallet users will receive ENNO Cash tokens based on the size of their activities. They will enjoy retroactive incentives of Enno Wallet and they will have privilege rights when joining Launchpad, Airdrops, Contests, or events.

Enno Wallet is a non-custodial mobile crypto wallet & Gateway to Decentralized Finance. Enno Wallet gathers all DeFi platforms on the blockchain together and serves with a great user interface and user experience.

Our mission is to create an intuitive crypto wallet and enable crypto holders to maximize the earning potential of their crypto assets. We are building a better financial system and naming it “Ennovation”

We have implemented 3 DeFi platforms to Enno Wallet and more will keep coming.

Vires.Finance: Decentralized lending & borrowing platform. Users can provide or remove liquidity through Enno Wallet.

Neutrino Protocol: We are bringing old markets to the new world. Decentralized ForEX (DeFo) is available in Enno Wallet, providing effective tools for swapping stable assets via smart contract. Users can stake algorithmic stablecoins through Enno Wallet.

Swop.fi: Is a service for instant exchange of cryptocurrencies and passive income from investments in cryptocurrencies. Our users can exchange one crypto to another in seconds. We are integrating Swop.fi Launchpad simultaneously to Enno Wallet and we will integrate liquidity pools after our IDO.

Enno Wallet users can securely store, swap, stake, send, receive their crypto assets on the platform. Enno Wallet is live on both iOS and Android.

At least 2 million wallets have interacted with DeFi protocols. DeFi marketcap reached $100B as of April 2021 and crypto experts are expecting 50% average annual growth rate by 2024.

But, Most of the DeFi platforms do not come with a Mobile App, and those do come with it are not user friendly. DeFi platforms are complex and they create entry barriers for users. DeFi mobile apps are opening a mobile browser and users constantly experiencing connection problems.

Enno Wallet is here to be the best.