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Dec 12, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Dec 10, 2021 (2 years ago)
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Informacje o Metaverse Face

Decentralized blockchain platform providing Face Nft for Metaverse. A new virtual world is being created. Metaface aims to provide you with virtual world character face NFTs, each with different features. If you want, you can have your own face designed as a character. We aim to establish an upper market with the aim of partnering with many games and virtual reality platforms. MEFA is a community-driven project.

One of the biggest problems in the NFT world is to produce new things. You create a character and then just add a background color, a hat, an outfit and change the color to produce clones of the same thing.This is very simple.

The Metaverse planet is being built. People will want to use faces.People will want to use different character. While it is difficult to create even a new character, we produce a face, which is the same difficulty as a fingerprint.

We published the Facemaker project. You upload a 2D passport photo to the Facemaker app. And it gives you 3D NFT in about a minute. In doing so, it completely uses image processing artificial intelligence. Because the facemaker only takes the front of the character ready. Its back is completely modeled by artificial intelligence. And you can mint the generated 3D NFT on ETH and BSC networks.

The VR Meeting project is actively working within the oculus platform. Especially after the global pandemic, the need for virtual meetings has increased. You can join the virtual meeting application with your own face NFT. You can interact visually and audibly. But first you must have an oculus glasses and you must also have face NFT. Although the VR Meeting app runs on the oculus platform, it requires blockchain verification.

The VR Meeting project is one of the first uses of Face NFTs. He is currently working on the game application, which is the other phase of the project.