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26,563,279 DFC
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199,999,999 DFC
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200,000,000 DFC
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Apr 10, 2024 (a day ago)
Najniższa historyczna wycena
Dec 26, 2023 (4 months ago)
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3233rd / 9.6K
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Informacje o DeFinder Capital

The main idea and task of DF Capital is to become the number one community in TON, to create a synergy effect within it through popularization and filling missing niches, services and products. On top of the TON blockchain the team launched the DFC token, which will socially connect all participants in this crypto sector into something more integral.

Several TON & market services are already created to demonstrate our capabilities and approach, as well as to continue recruiting and training the community.

The DFC token is the basis for uniting people through the DAO, the connecting link in these processes. The final goal is to become within TON network the same major player with related ecosystem services as Binance once became for the entire crypto market and led it to new heights, uniting previously disparate members of the crypto community.

DeFinder team is firstly solving the problem of fragmentation and voids within the TON blockchain groups, which is obviously gaining popularity for us. DF Capital allliance will use part of the DFC token supply from social pool to attract new participants and motivate them to work together. This will also cause general interest in the stability of the DFC token rate.

DFC team sees the potential of the TON blockchain and want to join and help him succeed. Specific products will be created to meet the specific needs of the emerging community. There are already a few proposals from the DAO. The DFC token itself is now deliberately not officially loaded with any utilities, which will allow the team to flexibly maneuver to suit the changing market.

DFC is now the glue for social interaction among all TON user base. The first steps and products that are planned are outlined in the Roadmap which can be found on the website https://definder.club/#Roadmap