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What Is MDEX (BSC)?

MDEX (BSC) is a decentralized exchange (DEX) platform based on the Binance Smart Chain (now renamed BNB Chain). It utilizes a fund pool to provide increased liquidity. Although it was originally based on the Huobi Ecological Chain (Heco), it now supports the decentralized cross-chain transaction protocol of BSC, HECO, and ETH, offering key features such as liquidity mining, dual mining, token swaps, and automated market maker.

Who Are the Founders of MDEX (BSC)?

The platform was founded by Nate Flanders and Anant Handa in late 2017. Nate is a graduate of the Florida State College, Jacksonville, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration, Management, and Operations. He has been involved in several organizations, including founding ResQ, co-founding the startup crypto coin trader, and being the President of the popular bitcoin and altcoin price alert application, Bitwatch.

Anant has a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MBA from Columbia University Business School. He has experience working as the Projects Control Engineer at ExxonMobil Development company, product manager at Apple, Investment Banking Associate at Credit Suisse, and as an advisor and COO at Panda Analytics.

When Was MDEX (BSC) Launched?

MDEX made its debut on BSC on April 4, 2021.

Where Is MDEX (BSC) Located?

The company is based in Singapore.

MDEX (BSC) Restricted Countries

According to the company’s website, it has restricted IP access from the following countries and regions: Canada, Singapore, China (including Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), North Korea.

What Coins Are Supported on MDEX (BSC)?

MDEX (BSC) currently supports over 85 cryptocurrencies, including ETH, UNI, AAVE and more.

How Much Are MDEX (BSC) Fees?

MDEX charges a 0.3% transaction fee on all trades.

Is it Possible To Use Leverage or Margin Trading on MDEX (BSC)?

Margin trading is not enabled on the platform.

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