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Oct 07, 2023 (7 months ago)
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Over The Winkyverse

  • The Winkyverse, the gamified platform for lifelong learning The Winkyverse is the first game-based learning platform, bringing together everyone's knowledge through a content Hub and interactive environments. Discover a variety of content through our map, covering a wide range of topics and formats.

    • Our vision to reinvents learning Gather: Our Hub allows to centralize and simplify the access to a wide range of content and themes, which are all validated by our Pedagogical Council. Certify: Thanks to Blockchain, global and secure tracking takes place, allowing learners to effectively manage their progress and highlight their skills through badges. Gamify: Badge collection, quests and challenges, profile customization, avatar evolution, immersive content... The more skills evolve, the more the learning experience is engaging and effective. Personalize: AI optimizes the learner' journey with personalized content recommendations based on skills, interests, and objectives.

    • The Winkyverse is supported by the French government After an in-depth evaluation process by a committee of experts, The Winkyverse has been selected by France 2030 investment program, which brings together innovative players to position France as a leader in the world of tomorrow.