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Live JUST harga hari ini adalah Rp 931.06 IDR dengan volume perdagangan 24 jam sebesar Rp 2,552,174,062,239 IDR. JUST turun 10.09 dalam 24 jam terakhir. Peringkat CoinMarketCap saat ini adalah #292, dengan kap pasar sebesar Rp 2,104,491,189,116 IDR. Terjadi peredaran suplai sebesar 2,260,326,706 JST koin dan maks. suplai 9,900,000,000 JST koin.

id 5488Bursa teratas untuk diperdagangkan di JUST saat ini adalah Binance, Huobi Global, Mandala Exchange, OKEx, , dan . Anda dapat menemukan yang lainnya yang terdaftar di .

What Is JUST (JST)?

JUST is a popular new decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem built for the TRON blockchain. It is an entire suite of products that are mostly centered around a decentralized stablecoin lending platform known as JustStable.

The platform launched in August 2020 following an initial exchange offering (IEO) on the Poloniex LaunchBase platform earlier that same year, but the native governance token of the platform (JST) has been circulating since May 2020.

It is a two-token ecosystem built around the USDJ and JUST (JST) tokens. USDJ is a multi-collateral stablecoin that has its value pegged to the value of the US dollar (USD), whereas JST has a variety of functions on the platform — paying interest, helping maintain the platform and participating in its governance, helping to set parameters like interest rates (stability fees) and the minimum collateralization ratio.

To obtain USDJ on JUST, traders need to deposit collateral in the form of supported collateral tokens — including TRON (TRX), which are exchanged to PTRX tokens and locked as collateral forming a collateralized debt position (CDP). Depending on the amount of collateral deposited, users can then mint and withdraw USDJ, which must later be repaid to retrieve the initial collateral.

The platform is designed to provide a fair and borderless hub of DeFi products, that any TRON user can access.

Who Are the Founders of JUST?

The JUST ecosystem is managed by the JUST Foundation, which includes individuals from Alibaba, Tencent, IBM and "other world-class internet companies," while JUST's financial analysis team hails from "several global investment banks" according to the project website.

Some of the most prominent individuals include Terance F (a blockchain expert and ex-Barclays and IBM employee), Elvis Zhang (a senior developer and experienced blockchain researcher), C Wu (a specialist in wallets and exchanges) and GL Kong (an experienced blockchain engineer and early crypto adopter).

The full names and profiles of much of the JUST team is not public. However, it appears that the project shares some overlap with the TRON development team, since the platform was announced by TRON CEO and founder Justin Sun, and has received technical and financial support from TRON.

What Makes JUST Unique?

Unlike most other DeFi platforms, JUST isn’t just looking to offer a single product that offers utility to a small subset of DeFi users. Instead, it’s attempting to build an entire suite of products that cover a range of DeFi use cases, forming the foundations of a complete DeFi ecosystem on TRON.

As of January 2021, the JUST ecosystem consists of five distinct products, all of which are designed to interoperate and provide additional utility to users.

These are:

  • JustStable: JUST’s flagship decentralized multi-collateral stablecoin platform.
  • JustLend: A TRON-powered money market protocol that allows users to add liquidity to lending pools and take out low-interest cryptocurrency loans.
  • JustSwap: An automated market maker (AMM) platform used for trustless TRC-20 token swaps and the creation of permissionless liquidity pools.
  • JustLink: The first decentralized oracle system for the TRON network — used to securely supply smart contracts with real-world data.
  • Cross-chain tokens: Assets from other blockchains, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC), that have been tokenized on TRON and can be used within the JUST ecosystem.

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How Many JUST (JST) Coins Are There in Circulation?

As of January 2021, a total of 2.26 billion JST is in circulation, out of a maximum supply of 9.9 billion. This represents 23% of the maximum supply.

These tokens are earned by depositing, lending, and providing liquidity on the JUST Network or by completing several other actions — such as by participating in special campaigns.

According to the original IEO on Poloniex, the full JST token supply is distributed as follows:

  • Seed Sale: 11%
  • Public Sale (LaunchBase Allocation): 4%
  • Strategic Partnerships: 26%
  • Team: 19%
  • Airdrop (Only for TRX Holders): 10%
  • Ecosystem: 30%

Further information about the allocation of JST tokens, including the specifics of the vesting period for the JUST team and its inflation rate is currently unknown. However, it is known that all team tokens will be fully vested by April 2022.

How Is the JUST Network Secured?

As a TRC-20 token, the JUST Network is secured by the underlying TRON blockchain.

Unlike other platforms that use the energy-intensive proof-of-work (POW) consensus mechanism to maintain the integrity of the blockchain and ward off potential attacks, TRON uses the energy-efficient delegated-proof-of-stake (dPOS) system.

This sees TRON (TRX) token holders elect super representatives tasked with generating blocks and packaging transactions. Together, the 27 super representatives are responsible for keeping the network secure.

Where Can You Buy JUST (JST)?

The JUST (JST) token is highly liquid and can be traded on some of the most well-reputed exchange platforms around — including Binance, Poloniex, OKEx and Bithumb. As of January 2021, the most popular trading pairs for JST include JST/USDT, JST/KRW and JST/BTC.

A handful of cryptocurrency exchanges also support direct fiat purchases of JST. To learn more about buying cryptocurrency using your credit or debit card, check out our simple guide.






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JUST Harga Hari Ini
Harga JUSTRp931.91
Perubahan Harga24hRp-113.08
24j Terendah / 24j Tertinggi
Rp908.24 /
Volume Perdagangan24hRp2,554,526,521,254.62
Volume / Kap Pasar1.21
Dominasi Pasar0.01%
Peringkat Pasar#292
JUST Kapitalisasi Pasar
Kap PasarRp2,106,430,997,745.78
Kapitalisasi Pasar yang Sepenuhnya TerdilusiRp9,225,952,523,786.67
JUST Harga Kemarin
Tertinggi / Terendah Kemarin
Rp1,018.56 /
Pembukaan / Penutupan Kemarin
Rp1,069.19 /
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Volume KemarinRp2,945,883,750,397.50
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Rp250.01 /
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Apr 05, 2021 (6 months ago)
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May 09, 2020 (a year ago)


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Peredaran Suplai2,260,326,706 JST
Suplai Total9,900,000,000 JST
Suplai Maks9,900,000,000 JST