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Piaci kapitalizáció 
3932nd / 10.1K
Volumen (24ó) 
2518th / 10.1K
Forgalom/piaci tőkeérték (24 óra) 
Önbevalláson alapuló forgalomban lévő kínálat 
49,882,759.32 SOLR
Teljes kínálat 
Max. kínálat 
100,000,000 SOLR
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Legalacsonyabb ár
Oct 08, 2021 (2 years ago)
Legmagasabb ár
Oct 08, 2021 (2 years ago)
Nincs adat
1022nd / 10.1K

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About SolRazr

SolRazr is designed to be the de-facto fund-raising and developer platform for projects build on Solana, aiming to support the growth of DeFi, NFTs and web3 applications that can scale.

Key problems SolRazr is solving

Retail investors today face a growing challenge when it comes to supporting and becoming a part of the early growth phase of the next-gen ideas and projects built on the fastest growing network - Solana. SolRazr solves this problem by providing access to projects through fair and decentralised allocations. For the projects & developers, SolRazr provides the ability to raise capital at lightning speeds in a truly decentralised manner, helping them forge strong communities for long-term support In addition to helping projects raise capital, SolRazr also provides access to a host of developer tools to help them build fast on Solana and go-to market early.

Key Features

Tradable Allocations: Reimagining token sale whitelists and allocations by leveraging the power of NFTs on Solana. Accelerator: Under Accelerator program - we incubate projects, help with go-to market strategy and provide tools to build fast on Solana. Developer Tools: Helping project developers build fast and launch faster by automating token infrastructure deployment on Solana. Cross-chain Pools: Built on Solana wormhole, cross-chain pools allow communities from other chains to invest directly into Solana projects. Who are the founders of Solrazr SolRazr was founded by Vijay Kalangi & Sreekanth Kalapur. Vijay Kalangi is the Co-founder & CTO of an edu-tech firm with multi-million dollar revenue. With 14+ years of experience building products in learning and edu-tech. Alumnus of BITS-Pilani. On an article with medium Vijya Kalangi said “We want to focus on design-first applications. And, we want to provide developer tools, which allow the code to be written in plain English and is easy to interact with,” Kalangi.

Sreekanth Kalapur is a VP Engineering at Polymorph acquired by Walmart Labs. With over 15+ years of experience building highly-scalable products. He is also an Alumnus of BITS-Pilani




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