क्रिप्टोकरेंसी:  15,007एक्सचेंजों:  436मार्केट कैप:  $2,613,745,385,36824 घंटे का आयतन:  $134,932,032,252डोमिनस:  बीटीसी: 41.2% ईटीएच: 20.7%ETH गैस:  118 Gwei


रैंक #2929
10,400 वॉचलिस्ट पर

NFTY Network मूल्य (NFTY)


0.000003142 BTC7.75%

0.00003927 ETH2.77%

24 घंटे
मार्केट कैप
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप
24 घंटे
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप
Self Reported Circulating Supply
60,000,000.00 NFTY
कुल आपूर्ति
कुल आपूर्ति

NFTY Network/USD चार्ट

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NFTY प्राइस लाइव डेटा

लाइव NFTY Networkकी कीमत आज $0.178891 USD है, और 24 घंटे के ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम $5,442,453 USD हम रियल टाइम में हमारे NFTY से USD के भाव को अपडेट करते हैं। पिछले 24 घंटों में NFTY Network,5.33% ऊपर है। वर्तमान CoinMarketCap रैंकिंग #2929, जिसका लाइव मार्केट कैप मौजूद नहीं है। है। परिसंचारी आपूर्ति उपलब्ध नहीं है और अधिकतम 1,456,240,353 NFTY सिक्कों की आपूर्ति।

NFTY Networkमें ट्रेडिंग के लिए शीर्ष एक्सचेंज वर्तमान में Gate.io, PancakeSwap (V2), BKEX, MEXC, और आप अन्य को हमारे पर सूचीबद्ध पा सकते हैं।

What Is NFTY Network (NFTY)?

NFTY Network is a decentralized NFT ecosystem, built to facilitate various innovations in the NFT space. With a suite of core products, NFTY Connect and NFTY Launch, NFTY Network is the bridge between the product ecosystem powering the NFTY utility token.

NFTY is the native utility token that is used for: * Fees for token gate creation and management * Rewards for accessing and engaging with token gates * Used for governance votes to determine how network resources are allocated.

How Many NFTY Coins Are There in Circulation?

There is 40M tokens owned by over 4000 holders across ETH and BSC. 60M NFTY tokens are in total circulation including 20M tokens in liquidity pools.

Who Are the Founders of NFTY Network?

NFTY Network was founded by the CEO Digital Lawrence, the COO Tytaninc, and the CTO Kevin Caffrey.

The three founders worked together for years in the crypto industry supporting other projects before developing tools to help facilitate NFT utility across layer 1 and layer 2 chains.

This project became what is now the NFTY Network, and employs more than 20 employees with 10 core team members.

Digital Lawrence is well known in the crypto community for his expeditions across the world to crypto conferences in Asia, Europe, and across the US. He has developed a deep network that spans across many nations, and many niches of the crypto market.

Ty Blackard AKA "Tytaninc." in the crypto community, has spent 3+ years in the crypto industry. He traveled all over Asia in 2019 networking with some of the greatest minds in crypto. His background is in media, business development, and strategy.

Kevin Caffery has been engineering in and around the blockchain industry with a fascination for Web 3 technology for over 3+ years. Kevin developed the core authentication product for NFTY Protocol from scratch.

Where Can I Buy NFTY Network (NFTY)?

NFTY is available for trading on two exchanges, with cryptocurrency and [stablecoin] pairs currently available.

You can purchase $NFTY on ApeSwap for Binance Smart Chain, or you can purchase on Uniswap for Ethereum.

ApeSwap: https://info.apeswap.finance/pair/0x884be30e2c95b9cfed614ad2b5edf40af2a144ad

Uniswap: https://v2.info.uniswap.org/token/0xE1D7C7a4596B038CEd2A84bF65B8647271C53208

NFTY से USD परिवर्तक



NFTY Network



United States Dollar

NFTY मूल्य सांख्यिकी

NFTY Network मूल्य आज
NFTY Network मूल्य$0.1789
प्राइस चेंज24h$0.00906
24h कम / 24h उच्च
$0.1621 /
ट्रेडिंग वॉल्यूम24h$5,442,453.07
वॉल्यूम / मार्केट कैप0.5071
बाजार प्रभुत्व0.00%
Market Rank#2929
NFTY Network मार्केट कैप
मार्केट कैप$10,733,432.05
फुल्ली डायलूटेड मार्केटकैप$260,507,614.65
NFTY Network कीमत कल
कल का निम्न / उच्च
$0.1556 /
कल का खुला/बंद
$0.1572 /
कल का बदलाव


कल का आयतन$5,553,669.66
NFTY Network मूल्य इतिहास
7d निम्न / 7d उच्च
$0.1153 /
30d निम्न / 30d उच्च
$0.008703 /
90d निम्न / 90d उच्च
$0.008703 /
52 सप्ताह निम्न / 52 सप्ताह उच्च
$0.008703 /
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NFTY Network ROI
कोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
NFTY Network आपूर्ति
परिचालित आपूर्ति60,000,000 NFTY
कुल आपूर्तिकोई आकड़ा उपलब्ध नहीं है
कुल आपूर्ति1,456,240,353 NFTY