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About Verse

What is Verse DEX?

Verse DEX is a decentralized exchange (DEX) which uses an automated market maker (AMM) to facilitate trades in a completely decentralized yet efficient manner. The AMM utilizes smart contracts to create markets for trading pairs of a wide variety of tokens. Liquidity providers supply VERSE DEX with capital, earning yield from the fees paid by people who trade. Verse DEX is derived from the battle tested Uniswap V2 contract, and has been audited by a third-party smart contract auditor. Verse DEX is available on Ethereum and SmartBCH blockchains, but is continuously expanding onto low-fee, high transaction speed blockchains.

Verse DEX aims to bring everyone permissionless and non-custodial trading access, with a special focus on people new to DeFi.

Who is the Founder of Verse DEX?

Verse DEX was created by, creator of the self-custodial Wallet. The Verse DEX, which will work seamlessly with the Wallet, acts as a gateway to DeFi for’s millions of users.

When Did Verse DEX Launch?

Verse DEX launched in April 2022.

Where is Verse DEX Located?

While Verse DEX was created by, Headquartered in Saint Kitts and Nevis, the exchange operates in a decentralized manner via smart contracts.

Verse DEX Restricted Countries

There is no information about possibly blocked or restricted countries on Verse DEX.

Verse DEX Supported Coins List

Since Verse DEX is a decentralized exchange, it supports any token people wish to provide liquidity for on the chains that Verse DEX supports. Currently, Verse DEX supports Ethereum ERC-20 and SmartBCH SEP-20 tokens. Supported coins will increase as Verse DEX expands to more blockchains.

How Much are Verse DEX Fees?

Verse DEX charges 0.3% per token swap. 0.05% goes to the protocol and 0.25% goes to liquidity providers.

Is It Possible to Use Leverage or Margin Trade on Verse DEX?

Verse DEX does not currently offer leverage or margin trading.

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