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Merlin DEX


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About Merlin DEX

Merlin is an immutable, permission-less and community centric DEX built on ZkSync with a goal to solve what might be called the “liquidity problem”. We achieve this by creating a liquidity environment that is robust and efficient. Consequently allowing builders and users to leverage our infrastructure for deep & readily accessible liquidity. Merlin's vision is to surpass current DEX offerings and, as the first of its kind on ZkSync, set a precedent for the standards required to become the beacon of liquidity of this ecosystem and provide 'True Yields'.

Revolutionising the Potential of AMM's

Automatic market-makers (AMMs) stand as the leading innovation in the DeFi sector. This was heralded initially by Uniswap, which provided the initial logic for markets created by x·y = k. Essentially allowing for zero-assumption based pricing mechanisms that spread liquidity across all prices evenly regardless of the underlying assets. However Merlin has built what we believe to be a predecessor to this initial logic allowing us to precisely focus liquidity around any target price. Thus allowing Merlin to support both Volatile (Uniswap Style) and Stable (Curve Style) swaps, minimizing fees whilst optimizing speed and reliability.

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