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Loop Finance


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About Loop Finance

Loop Finance is a decentralized suite of products built on and supporting the Terra blockchain. The primary financial product is Loop DEX. Loop is designed to allow any user, regardless of experience, to utilize the tools of decentralized finance to maximize earning potential.

LOOP is the native DEX token that is used for: Farming and staking incentives Minting and trading on Loop NFT marketplace A common denominator between diverse pools on the DEX

LOOPR is the native Community token that is used for: Rewarding content creators on the Community platform Distributing monthly LOOP airdrops Staking to promote projects and partnerships

Loop Finance tools include: An AMM swap featuring popular Terra tokens Incentivized AMM farming pools Single staking with diverse vesting options Graphical DEX interface and portfolio management Loop Mobile App, consolidating the most powerful portfolio management tools Loop Community site, a message board for the community Loop Learn, incentivized video learning for Terra-centric content

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