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About CroSwap

What Is CroSwap (CROS)?

CroSwap is an exclusive Automated Market Maker (AMM) based decentralized Exchange platform (DEX) designed to facilitate automated trading of decentralized finance tokens (DeFi) on multiple blockchain networks. CroSwap is designed to be the most user-friendly DeFi platform for users to be able to learn, swap, and earn high yields.

Our exchange allows you to trade assets without using Centralized Exchanges. All transactions initiated on CroSwap are routed directly through your decentralized wallet. Your assets remain in your possession rather than relying on a Centralized Exchange to secure your assets. Our multi-chain DEX is primarily based on the Cronos Network. We strive to provide an optimal trading environment for our users. We currently have a 0.2% trading fee, which is one of the lowest trading fees on the Cronos Network.

CROS is the primary utility token that is used for:

  • Incentivizing liquidity provisioning in our unique pool and yield farming.
  • Obtaining access to products/opportunities in our ecosystem.
  • Reducing fees on eligible products in our ecosystem.

The main function of CroSwap’s token CROS is to incentivize the liquidity provision to CroSwap’s Ecosystem. Users are able to stake and lock in specific Liquidity Pairs to help CroSwap maintain and grow overall liquidity backing in return for rewards (in the form of LP tokens). Rewards are scaled based on the amount of LP tokens a user has committed relative to the overall amount of LP tokens staked across the ecosystem for that specific farm.

Who Are the Founders of CroSwap?

CroSwap is the flagship product of HLWGroup, a technology company focused on cryptocurrency development and management as well as video game development.

Our core software development team has over 120 years of combined software engineering experience, capable of flexing for larger projects as needed. Our business development team has over 100 years of project management experience. We operate primarily in the U.S. with offshore resources around the world.

What makes CroSwap Unique?

CroSwap is the first DEX built using the newly finalized EIP-2535 Solidity Standard, commonly referred to as The Diamond Standard.

What is a Diamond?

A diamond is a contract with external functions that are supplied by contracts called facets. Facets are separate, independent contracts that can share internal functions, libraries and state variables.

How a Diamond Works

A diamond stores within it a mapping of function selector to facet address, for example selectorToFacet. When an external function is called on a diamond its fallback function is executed. The fallback function finds in the selectorToFacet mapping which facet has the function that has been called and then executes that function from the facet using delegatecall.

A diamond’s fallback function and delegatecall enable a diamond to execute a facet’s external function as its own external function. The msg.sender and msg.value values do not change and only the diamond’s contract storage is read and written to.

Why the Diamond Standard for the CroSwap Ecosystem?

Why did we focus on the Diamond Standard? Our base launch feature sets BLEW away from the EVM speed limit for traditional smart contracts. Our engineers quickly realized that we would need to migrate to new patterns or be faced with cutting features. Additionally, we need a framework that needs to be easily extensible. Our business development team is constantly coming up with new utilities which means we need to be able to easily support post-launch updates with minimum upgrade costs to the organization or our community.

These requirements made using the Diamond framework a no-brainer for the following reasons: * Only one address is exposed to the outside world thereby reducing deployment, testing, and integration costs. * Utilities can be introduced, maintained, or deprecated without requiring any updates to the main diamond contract. This means that our holders do not need to worry about migrating tokens and/or NFT’s when we are introducing the utilities. * The diamond contract and the associated facets are completely transparent on the blockchain. * Gas costs for the project and our holders are reduced by calling multiple contracts within a single transaction.

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