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About 4swap

Launched on September 3, 2020, 4swap is a decentralized exchange on Mixin Network that utilizes the Automated Market Maker mechanism. Within six months since its launch, the global liquidity reached $55,227,864.54 on February 21, 2021 and 24h trading volume peaked at $7,132,032.03 on January 11, 2021. There are 39 pairs in total on 4swap MTG as of February 22, 2021.

Similar to Uniswap, 4swap users can swap at a specific crypto assets market(pair) and/or become liquidity providers and receive rewards. What makes 4swap stand out among the status quo are the reasons as follows:

Benefited from the PoS, layer 2 (off-chain) and sidechains technology basis of Mixin Network, 4swap supports swapping between crypto assets of more than 30 main chains, confirms final transactions within 1 second (Peak Transactions Per Second (TPS) is currently 198 : https://mixin.one/snapshots), is free of transaction fees. More details about Mixin Network and its technology can be found here: https://developers.mixin.one/document

Run by five selected trustworthy nodes (Mixin Trusted Group), all transactions on 4swap require multiple signatures of the selected custodians to ensure no embezzlement of the users' fund by a single program provider thus guaranteeing safety of funds. Detailed introduction of Mixin Trusted Group can be found here: (1) https://w3c.group/c/1599929464152083 (2) https://developers.mixin.one/document/mainnet/mtg

To offer optimized trading experiences to its users, 4swap uses combined algorithms - functioning on a Curve-like, bespoke low slippage, low trading fee algorithm specifically for swapping between stablecoins and on the constant product formula x*y=k for rest of the pairs.

As a decentralized exchange on Mixin Network, 4swap can be found on Mixin Messenger. After downloading Mixn Messenger, Search Mixin ID 7000103537 or visit this link (mixin://users/a753e0eb-3010-4c4a-a7b2-a7bda4063f62) to authorize and experience it.

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