Meme Coin of the Year (Winner: Bonk 🏆)

Our Meme Coin of the Year award celebrates the most entertaining, impactful and community driven meme coins. These projects have captured the cultural zeitgeist, taken the blockchain by storm and created fiercely loyal communities.


Winner: Bonk 🏆



Pepe, the iconic meme frog since 2005, transitioned from internet humor to a leading "memeable Meme Coin." Launching in April 2023, Pepe ignited a global meme sensation, achieving a billion dollar market cap and stabilizing at US$400 million. As the project claimed, ‘the dogs have had their day, it’s Pepe’s turn’



Milady, merging finance, art, and internet culture, is a Meme Coin and NFT collection with a vibrant community. Building on the popularity of its "neochibi-style NFTs," Milady gained fame akin to DOGE, especially after Elon Musk called the project out on X.. Milady combines cultural art with digital rarity, capitalizing on web3 trends to keep things interesting.



Of course, "Memecoin" stands out for its ironic name, initiated by Ray Chan, CEO of 9GAG. This crypto token truly represents the essence of a Meme Coin, drawing from 9GAG's role as a pivotal online meme source. With Chan's expertise in the meme domain, Memecoin effectively bridges internet humor with the crypto world.

BONK (🏆)


No meme coin roundup is complete without mentioning "Bonk," a Christmas airdrop that skyrocketed in value. Its standout branding and meme appeal quickly won the market, amassing a dedicated following. Over the year, Bonk outpaced rivals, attracting 450,000 holders across 9 chains and collaborating with over 100 web3 projects.



Ordi is the first Bitcoin meme coin, using the BRC-20 standard for tokens on Bitcoin's blockchain. Its name drew attention, boosting its price and engagement. Ordi signifies Bitcoin's venture into meme coins, aligning with current narratives.


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