Most Innovative DeFi Project (Winner: Uniswap 🏆)

Most Innovative DeFi Project award, features the crypto projects that are accelerating the Defi space, from decentralized exchanges and trading bots to innovative trading and staking solutions. These deFi builders are tackling real-world problems, enhancing fairness and access across financial services.


Winner: Uniswap 🏆


This year, Uniswap introduced V4 "Hook" to boost decentralized liquidity and ease DeFi development. Hooks allow custom trading pools under Uniswap's secure framework, facilitating expansion. UniswapX addresses DeFi hurdles by pooling liquidity for gas-free swaps and protection against "maximal extractable value," promoting decentralization and ease of use.


Unibot, the popular Telegram trading bot, streamlines Web3 access with its intuitive design. Since its launch, it's become a favorite for meme coin trading on Ethereum, reaching $7-8 million in daily volume by late August 2023. By converting decentralized trading to straightforward mobile messages, Unibot makes DEX transactions easy, especially for novices.


EigenLayer boosts Ethereum app development affordability and efficiency, reducing startup costs and simplifying Layer 2 data handling. It enables "re-staking" with services like Lido, increasing user earnings and network security rewards. With $3.5 billion in TVL, EigenLayer significantly impacts Ethereum's ecosystem.


MakerDAO has launched over 14 upgrades, including real-world assets as collateral and enhancing DAI's backing with US Treasuries, aiming for greater decentralization. Focusing on transparency, it uses smart contracts for verifiable, audit-free operations and shares team meetings publicly, boosting trust and stability in DAI.


Friend.Tech, a leading SocialFi platform, monetizes attention with tokenized engagement. Launched on the Base Network last August, Friend.Tech creators profit from selling "keys" for exclusive content and chats. Its product design worked really well in a low liquidity market as we experienced this summer, making it a great success and demonstrating the potential of SocialFi.


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