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Data fuels AI. No matter how sophisticated an AI algorithm is, if the input data is garbage, then the output result will be garbage. In addition to quality, quantity is also hugely important for AI. Today, the few tech giants hoard and monetize their users' data, dominating the field of AI for their own profits.

Synesis One aspires to change all of this. Synesis One, a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), provides a play-to-earn system that develops games to incentivize users to create datasets that train AI.

In addition, Synesis one will create and sell NFTs (Kanon NFTs) that users can stake to earn membership into the ecosystem to access the games that make their participation worthwhile and fun. Training data from the ecosystem will be stored on the Solana blockchain and accessible to all, democratizing data and AI.

Kanon NFT owners will also earn claimable passive income just by owning the Kanon NFTs. Each NFT will represent a word, and when the word is accessed/utilized by AI clients (e.g. Mind AI), then the holder of the NFT will get a part of the fee paid by the AI client.