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CREDA Datos de Precio en vivo

CreDA (Credit DeFi Alliance) is the first trusted decentralized credit rating service that links the on-chain and traditional financial systems to create a universal credit score for Web3.0.

CreDA goes beyond the common DeFi platform by using blockchain’s traceability and immutability to provide a similar trust architecture that has existed in traditional finance for hundreds of years: credit scoring. By providing a secure and unique Crypto Credit Score, users will be able to borrow with little or no collateral because lenders will be able to take the risk out of such transactions.

CreDA reduces exposure to risk for financial institutions and platforms both on and off-chain, opening up products to broader audiences and allowing for non-collateralized loans that help differentiate and expand services. DeFi platforms that leverage the CreDA protocol can benefit from:

• Ability to model counterparty risk and enable effective risk management • Differentiation versus competitors through bespoke rates based on user credit scores • Increased asset utilization resulting in additional income • User credit profiling allowing targeted marketing and incentive programs

With CreDA, all historical transactions in the crypto space, spanning multiple blockchains, are used to calculate a credit score granting the user access to better rates for loans, lending and other financial activities. This data is fully protected, secured by the industry-leading, W3C compliant Decentralized Identifier protocol (DID) as well as regular technology audits.

Built on Ethereum Layer 2,the CreDA Oracle uses AI to leverage blockchain’s transparency and immutability by assessing activity across multiple chains including Arbitrum, BSC (Binance Smart Chain), Polkadot, Polygon, HECO (Huobi ECO Chain) and ESC (Elastos Sidechain). Your unique credit score is then minted as a credit NFT that acts as your passport across Web 3.0. The CREDA token fuels the CreDA ecosystem allowing users to upgrade their cNFT and acting as the fee currency for third parties to access CreDA’s Credit Oracle Service.

The CreDA protocol helps minimize risk for existing and emerging platforms, enables access to capital by reducing the need for crippling amounts of collateral while opening up DeFI to billions of people without access to traditional banking.

CreDA is giving credit where credit is due.