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Αυτοαναφερόμενη κυκλοφορούσα προσφορά
182,169,869,254,210 MMIT
Συνολική προσφορά
2,100,000,000,000,000 MMIT
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2,100,000,000,000,000 MMIT
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Υψηλό όλων των εποχών
Apr 22, 2023 (7 months ago)
Χαμηλό όλων των εποχών
Jun 14, 2023 (6 months ago)
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1645th / 8.8K
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Welcome to MMIT - the first fruit meme token that is revolutionizing the crypto space with its innovative utilization of web 3 domains named as Mango tree. MMIT is a game-changer, offering users incredible earning potential through its unique approach to digital assets. Our focus on Mango tree web 3 domains and their integration with the MMIT token is set to increase the power of our already popular token.

At MMIT , our mission is to empower the everyday investor and provide them with the opportunity to achieve financial freedom in a safe, secure, and decentralized environment. We have created a complete ecosystem centered around our powerful MMIT token, which includes our proprietary Mango blockchain based on layer 1, Mango swap - a decentralized exchange, Mango wallet, Stormbit - a centralized exchange for future and optional trading, and Mango Browser - your ultimate Web 3 companion.

Our approach to mango tree web 3 domains ensures that users have complete control over their online presence and content. Web 3 domains are stored on the blockchain, making them censorship-resistant and universally accessible, with no barriers to entry or device restrictions. As an added bonus, Mango Tree offers free website hosting and no renewal fees for .mmit domains, allowing our users to save significant amounts compared to traditional domain costs.

At Mango tree, we are focused on unlocking lifetime earning opportunities for our users. Our Rebirth Pool and Global Auto Pool allow users to earn passive rewards simply by owning .mmit web 3 domains. Watch your profits grow effortlessly as anyone buys the domain or joins the Mango Tree ecosystem. Mango tree web 3 domains are constantly expanding partnerships with industry leaders to provide more opportunities for our users. Our partnerships with Bitmart, Biconomy, Koinbx, Staybridge Hotel Dubai, and many more, provide tangible benefits that our users can enjoy.

Our vision is to change the crypto space just like Bitcoin did back in 2009. We want to benefit the common man with real-world applications and problem-solving. Join the MMIT movement now and start capitalizing on the incredible opportunities that blockchain technology and web 3 domains have to offer. With MMIT , the sky is truly the limit.