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5,000,000,000 DOSE
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5,000,000,000 DOSE
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Υψηλό όλων των εποχών
Nov 03, 2021 (2 years ago)
Χαμηλό όλων των εποχών
Oct 20, 2023 (4 months ago)
Προβολή ιστορικών δεδομένων
Σε λίστες παρακολούθησης11,916x
1866th / 8.9K
HealthCollectibles & NFTsGamingΕμφάνιση όλων
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Σχετικά με DOSE

What Is OliveX (DOSE)?

OliveX (DOSE) is a gamified fitness ecosystem working to enhance real-world workout experience through use of game design techniques and play-to-earn mechanics. OliveX allows players to both improve their physical shape and earn real-life revenue through gaming activity.

OliveX is set out to define a new era of fitness and provide an entertaining way to stay motivated through daily physical exercise. 27.97% of the company is owned by Animoca Brands — a leader in blockchain gaming.

DOSE, the ecosystem’s native currency, is earned by completing workout-based gameplay inside of OliveX's applications. DOSE is used to unlock in-game items and game modes, purchase NFTs and take part in the ecosystem’s special events. DOSE can currently be earned in Dustland Runner — an audio adventure running game, Dustland Rider — a cycling fitness game and 22 Pushups — a pushup challenge platform.

The token was launched in November 2021. The Dustland Runner mobile application alpha release took place in the first quarter of 2022 with the open beta version coming in Q2 2022. As a long-term goal the company is planning to introduce a PVP mode and create a metagame in Dustland Runner.

Who Are the Founders of OliveX?

What Makes OliveX (DOSE) Unique?

How Many DOSE Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the OliveX (DOSE) Network Secured?

Can DOSE Hit $1?

Where Can You Buy DOSE?

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