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Υψηλό όλων των εποχών
Apr 21, 2021 (3 years ago)
Χαμηλό όλων των εποχών
Oct 20, 2023 (4 months ago)
Προβολή ιστορικών δεδομένων
Σε λίστες παρακολούθησης76,427x
541st / 8.9K
DeFiGovernanceLaunchpadΕμφάνιση όλων
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Σχετικά με DAO Maker

What Is DAO Maker (DAO)?

DAO Maker (DAO) is an incubator that provides growth technology and SaaS solutions for crypto startups. The goal of this project is to help startups secure venture capital funding by making it simpler for investors to locate projects in which they can securely invest via IDOs.

DAO Maker works by helping new projects build their communities and then converting these communities into value-adding members of a DAO using tokens.

Retail investors can invest in digital assets and stocks at an early stage through the platform’s investment system, DAO Pad. It’s designed to help crowdfund young protocols by appealing to small-scale investors.

In addition to this investment system, the company also incubates new projects, gives users social mining rewards, and offers advisory services and advice on how to run their companies.

Several successful projects have been launched through DAO Maker, including Orion Protocol, My Neighbor Alice, LaunchX, and DAFI Protocol. The platform also helped launch Seascape Network (CWS) and Infinity Pad (IPAD).

Who Are the Founders of DAO Maker?

What Makes DAO Maker (DAO) Unique?

How Many DAO Maker (DAO) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the DAO Maker network Secured?

Where Can You Buy DAO Maker (DAO)?

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