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What is Arcana Network (XAR)?

Arcana is building Firebase of Web3. Arcana offers web3 infra for devs with its suite of plug and play SDKs to help developers build, launch, and scale almost any type of apps.

Arcana is a UX-focused Proof-of-Stake App-chain built to simplify Web3 UX and adoption

Who Are the Founders of Arcana Network?

Arcana's Products:

Arcana Auth is the first product to go live on Mainnet. With Arcana Auth, developers can simplify Web3 Authentication and improve user conversion rates by up to 90%. It is the fastest decentralized social login in web3 with a sub-5-second login time.

$XAR is the native utility token that will be used for ecomonic security of the Appchain, incentivise nodes and validators. It will also be used for staking and staking rewards. Arcana launched its Alpha Testnet in November of 2021, Beta Testnet in Sept 2022, and Mainnet on Feb 1st 2023.

$XAR RegD public token sale went live on Republic platform on Nov 29th 2023.