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Explore Folder Protocol

Folder Protocol’s second layer solution to the decentralized storage to bring enterprise level scalability will be implemented in stages, and optimize speed of storing and retrieving files with more security and privacy.

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Layer-2 Solution: Solving Scalability Problem

Folder Protocol will solve current IPFS problems including scalability, transaction speed and network bandwidth by introducing layer-2 solution for decentralized storage protocols as an incentive layer on top of IPFS.

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Folkee: NFTs with IPFS and Folder Protocol

Folder Protocol is introducing its NFT platform named ‘Folkee.’ Folder Network will provide a permanence layer using cryptographic proofs as provable NFT storage to ensure durability, performance and persistence of your NFT data and metadata.

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Our Vision: Strong IP-based NFTs Platform

Folkee aims to be an IP-based NFT platform, and provide increasingly attractive NFT data, service, support plan and VIP experiences to fandom. Learn more about strong IP-based NFTs examples and why it could be successful.

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