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kr 98,951,048
Volumen (24t.)


kr 29,957,725
Volumen/Markedsværdi (24 timer)
Cirkulerende forsyning
37,519,305 VEXT
Samlede forsyning
49,132,656 VEXT
Maksimale forsyning
300,000,000 VEXT
Fuldt udvandet markedsværdi
kr 791,201,068
VEXT til DKK omregner
24 timer 
Højeste nogensinde
Sep 04, 2023 (3 months ago)
Laveste nogensinde
Nov 12, 2023 (a month ago)
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I overvågningslister980x
5712th / 8.9K
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Om Veloce

VEXT is your membership within Veloce Media Group. By joining, you'll be empowered to have a lasting impact on the group. You'll receive exclusive access to our events and products, unlock additional perks within our games and connect with like-minded gamers and racers. Let's expand the ecosystem together!

Veloce Media Group prides itself on being a forward-facing brand and disrupting traditional industries. We believe that the introduction of VEXT will allow us to take the meaning of fandom to the next level, allowing us to reward the dedicated members of our community, all whilst offering a vast range of utility throughout the group’s assets across gaming and racing.

VEXT is the token that fuels Veloce Media Group, it allows for membership into our community-owned global sporting, entertainment and media group. Allowing for members to have their say on the direction of our brand, including our real-world sporting assets.

Veloce Media Group believes that the blockchain is the next big technological revolution. Although it's still early days, Veloce Media Group believes this will be an evolution of the current state of the internet, the same way that social media was back in 2006. Veloce Media Group prides itself in being pioneers in new industries before mainstream adoption and believes this to be another clear example.

VEXT is one of the first examples of disrupting the ownership model of traditional sporting and entertainment media groups. In today’s world sport plays a pivotal role in society. Sports contains the largest and most passionate fanbase in the world. However, as the industry has evolved, teams have become more centralised, leaving fans left on the side. We want to empower the next generation of fandom amongst gamers and motorsport enthusiasts, and VEXT allows us to do just that!