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Om bZx Vesting Token

vBZRX - BZRX token wrapped into a vesting contract. The vBZRX token is an ERC20 token, making each token fungible and uniform. The underlying BZRX within the contract can be staked. However, there are limits to the number of vBZRX that can be staked at any given time. This limitation will be set by the staking contract itself. As currently proposed, it will be possible to participate in fee sharing with the staked BZRX inside the vBZRX contract; however, the fees do not vest until the token vests. Moreover, the voting power of BZRX staked from inside the vesting contract possesses only half of the voting power of a typical BZRX token.

Read more about vBZRX and BZRX tokens here: https://bzx.network/bzrx-token