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About the LasMeta

What is LasMeta? LasMeta is a play-to-earn VR poker gaming platform mainly built on the Ethereum blockchain and powered by Unreal Engine 5. The games are free to participation. LasMeta has both an ERC-20 governance and utility token. There is also 7000 pieces of NFT collection named "Gambdeers Club" and a side product called “Deer Club Exclusive “DCE” PASS, which is limited to just 700 produced to add more value to the project and provide more benefits to users. LasMeta’s primary target audience is for the GameFi, Metaverse, NFT and De-Fi verticals.

$LASM Simple Usage LasMeta Token is a governance and utility token created for use in both exchanges and in-game trading. Its main uses include in-game trading, prize payouts, NFT mints, launchpad allocation rights, priority access to test games, priority VIP access to the full game platform, airdrops and the right to participate in special competitions.

Mechanism The $LASM token has a deflationary structure. Regularly token burning, Auto-Reflection, tax and staking.

What makes LasMeta Unique? The key point that distinguishes LasMeta from other projects is that it is the first free to play , play to earn "Poker Gaming Platform" developed in Metaverse, as well as that it will meet gamers on the basis of Virtual Reality (VR) technology. LasMeta draws its way in 3 trunk are directly connected each other. Each of products provides passive incomes, various benefits and limitless accesibility to the gaming platform.

Beside that, unlike its competitors, LasMeta does not focus on gamers’ spending money inside. LasMeta only focus for people to spend valued time on the gaming platform and to make LasMeta a very busy entertainment hub. In addition, with the further growth of gaming industry and the increased usage of VR devices, the VR version can be upgraded to the Augmented Reality (AR) version.

What technologies LasMeta use? LasMeta VR Poker Gaming Platform is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and built. Polygon Network will be used in the infrastructure of the game.

Our backend will be hosted on best in class Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider Amazon Web Services (AWS). Our core backend services will be built using a serverless model with AWS Lambda. This enables us to provide effectively unlimited scalability whilst also maintaining a cost effective solution.

LasMeta primary persistence mechanism is DynamoDB, where we leverage transactional features to provide an atomic, consistent, isolated durable and highly-available solution. Under the hood we leverage the full gamut of AWS monitoring and security services including CloudWatch, GuardDuty, Inspector, Detective and Security Hub. LasMeta has signed a series of quality collaborations to provide convenience and practicality to gamers. Although the $LASM token is Ethereum-based, it has also increased its usability and accesibility by bridging over the Polygon Network, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Gate Chain, Arbitrum and Moonbeam networks.

LasMeta has completed On/Off Ramp and Swap integrations where gamers can access $LASM tokens quickly and reliably on the gaming platform. In this way, users will be able to swap a token with $LASM tokens on any network or simply buy $LASM tokens using their debit card without having to leave the game via wallet links.

To increase $LASM token usage and token demand, we regularly hold lotteries on our website using VRF and Keepers technology from leading oracle company Chainlink.

What are LasMeta Token Utilites? • The primary use case of the $LASM token is to enable governance and in-game currency. • $LASM token is used for purchases on the Marketplace. • Staking • Voting • NFT Mint • 4% holder reflection awards • Discount shopping on partner products (cryptocurrency wallets, VR headsets, games, subscriptions, etc.) • VIP game platform access • Guaranteed launchpad allocation

What problem does LasMeta solve? Today's games are not user friendly. Gamers must watch boring advertisement videos to get free game assets. In addition, gamers are generally forced to consume quickly and buy things with the pop-ups that appear. Even if the gamers make purchases, this does not have a real life return, and they put the gamers who enter the game for fun under stress. That's why gamers lose both their time and their money.

At this point, LasMeta bring a great solution to the biggest problem of the gamers. Gamers can both play for free and earn income. Gamers also gain free game chips spending quality time in the metaverse instead of watching boring commercials. Gamers can withdraw their earnings to their wallets by converting them to $LASM tokens in-game. Also, in order to prevent gamers from getting the perception of gambling, that gamers with a losing percentage above 70% are automatically cool-down for 2 hours with the stop-loss system and taken to rest.

What are the competitive advantages of LasMeta? Unlike its biggest competitor, LasMeta is not a gambling platform but a completely free play-to-earn poker gaming platform. In terms of technology and usage areas, it is far ahead of its competitors in providing benefits to its gamers and investors. On top of that, Virtual Reality (VR) can be upgraded to Augmented Reality (AR) in the coming years.

LasMeta Revenue Streams We plan to maintain regular growth and economic balance with various income methods. Our financial growth target will be small and healthy steps. Among the most important sources of income for our company will be the income from product distributorship agreements with other companies. For example, we will be the official Scandinavian sales representative of a cryptocurrency wallet brand.

Among our other income sources; NFT mint revenues, royalties from NFT sales, tax deductions from exchange transactions, wallet and bridge transaction fees, standard player costumes and items to be sold in-game, as well as a special number of boosted NFT character items, hologram placement ads.

Additionally, we have revenue models for both gamers and $LASM token users and partners. Check here for more details;