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With the increased popularity of cryptocurrencies, people often get lost on how and where to start investing. We thought as a team on how our experience in the cryptosphere and artificial intelligence algorithms could help guide the new people that are interested in decentralized finance and that’s how Slougi AI app was born. This App fueled by Artificial intelligence algorithms will guide the user from beginner to advanced in order to securely start investing in their future. It will also predict the best coins to invest alongside management tools to help mitigate losses and lock in profits.

Slougi AI will help you with :

  • Secure start in crypto: Slougi AI will guide you through your path to succeed in the Crypto world.
  • Smart risk manager: Slougi AI will Manage your risk with our advanced AI risk management tools to limit your losses and lock in profits.
  • Invest in the future: Slougi AI will predict the best coins and tokens to invest in based on Advanced Analysis Algorithms.