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AMEPAY has rebranded to AME Chain. Read more here.

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Cirkulující zásoba 
500,000,000 AME
Celková zásoba 
1,000,000,000 AME
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1,000,000,000 AME
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Historické maximum
Feb 24, 2021 (2 years ago)
Historické minimum
Dec 07, 2022 (6 months ago)
V seznamech sledovaných14,269x
1544th / 10.4K

AMEPAY has rebranded to AME Chain. Read more here.

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O AME Chain

What Is AME Chain (AME)?

AME Chain is the world’s 1st Quantum secured Blockchain that is EVM compatible with high performance and scalability. AME Chain is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of an unconditionally secure blockchain that can withstand the threats arising out of Quantum computing. AME Chain is a platform that facilitates peer-to-peer communication, Smart contracts and applications via its own native currency called AME. The primary purpose of AME is to facilitate and monetize the working of AME Chain to enable developers to build and run distributed applications (called Dapps). AME Chain is a Turing complete blockchain framework, as it gives a foundation to programming languages using which you can write contracts that can solve any reasonable computational problem. AME Chain is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), a consensus-based virtual machine that decodes the compiled contracts in bytecodes and executes them on the Ethereum network nodes. It also uses algorithms to prevent denial-of-service attacks that are widely observed in cryptocurrency markets. AME Chain network is a group of nodes, connected to every other node in a peer-to-peer mechanism. Each node consists of a copy of the entire blockchain data store and competes with other nodes to mine the next block by validating transactions. If a new block is added, the blockchain gets updated and is propagated to the entire network so that every node is in sync. AME Chain uses Proof-Of-Authority (PoA) as the consensus method that gives a small and designated number of blockchain actors the power to validate transactions or interactions with the network and to update its more or less distributed registry.

What Makes AME Chain Unique?

How Many AME Chain (AME) Coins Are There in Circulation?

How Is the AME Chain Network Secured?

Where Can You Buy AME Chain (AME)?


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