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Interview about CATCEO - The Next BabyDoge

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Interview about CATCEO - The Next BabyDoge

Crypto Miners

By Crypto Miners

14 days ago
2 mins read
Interview about CATCEO - The Next BabyDoge

Garfi and John [on CoinMarketCap]

Hello, im John from CM Newsletter. Today, we have a small interview with the man Gafi.
John : Hello Garfi, CatCeo's marketing lead, Can you introduce your Cat?

Garfi : Hello, I’m Garfi , I'm from CatCeo, we come from a Meme project with big ideas, you can check us out here: .

Unlike other CEOs, only flashy fomo then give up, we fomo are more class.

Let me introduce : $CATCEO
- First $CEO with Audit CertiK

- First Meme Release AI Technology

- We have major partnership : DogeCoin Info, Shib Whales , …

- We have plan BuyBack & Burn support our community in $CATCEO Journey.

- Connect with

John : It sounds interesting and there seems to be a lot of difference , So what difficulties do you have?
Garfi : Right now, we're all doing nothing hard, just a matter of time, we'll send it right where it belongs, even with TrustScore CertiK , Our score higher than BabyDoge. First step , we aim “CatCeo - The Next BabyDoge”
John : I like your confidence, so what are your plans for the future?
Garfi : I have written in the Roadmap, currently, I have prepared a roadmap for the new phase, however, will reserve that surprise when we reach the immediate target, which is CEX and 10,000 Holders.
John : Impressed with your mysterious and confident way of working.

Do you have something to say to your community?

Garfi : Play with your risk , enjoy your reward, enjoy your victory , easy mind , Just think right.


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