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WEMIX.Fi Lend & Borrow Open Event!

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WEMIX.Fi Lend & Borrow Open Event!



Created 4 months ago, last updated 4 months ago
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WEMIX.Fi Lend & Borrow Open Event!

To celebrate the launch of Lend & Borrow of WEMIX.Fi, a DeFi platform of WEMIX, we have prepared a Commission Fee Support Event!

A total of 10,000 WEMIX is prepared for the event rewards. For more details, please see below.

‘First-Come-First-Serve’ Commission Fee Support Event
- Event Details: First 1,000 users who borrow over $10 receive 10 WEMIX
- Event Period: After the service opening in 2023, Feb. 15th till the event (first-come-first-serve basis)’s end
- Winners Announcement: Within 2 days after the event’s end (including rewards give-away schedule)
- How to Participate: Borrow over $10
- Event Rewards: Total of 10,000 WEMIX, 10 WEMIX per user/ for 1,000 users

We hope that you show love and support in Lend & Borrow, a new service of WEMIX.Fi!

Lend & Borrow service :

Thank you.

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