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A Community Proposal for Tokenomics Optimization.

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A Community Proposal for Tokenomics Optimization.


By Toncoin

2 months ago
2 mins read
A Community Proposal for Tokenomics Optimization.
On December 17, in response to repeated requests for greater certainty, clarity and transparency over the tokenomics of the TON network, the community has called for all early miners to activate their inactive mining wallets by the end of 2022.
Out of the 204 inactive mining wallets identified by the community, 194 wallets holding 1,081,425,847 Toncoin remain inactive today. These mining wallets — the genesis wallets that have mined Toncoin directly from the Proof-of-Work smart-contracts — have never been activated and do not have a single outgoing transfer in their history.

Toncoin is a gas required to access decentralized services on the TON network. It has been widely speculated that access to these inactive wallets may have been lost. What is clear is that there is a community consensus: the existence of these unutilized Toncoin only increases the uncertainty for the network participants.

TON is a community-driven blockchain, and we believe that the network validators should listen to the voice of the community.

Therefore, we are suggesting a validator vote for the proposal of tokenomics optimization, one that enables these inactive mining wallets to remain inactive for a certain period of time.
In spite of some people proposing a permanent inactivation, the majority of the community was in favour of preserving the very idea that keeps us as one: decentralization. For this reason, the community has reached a consensus to set this period to 48 months. This will give the TON ecosystem enough time to flourish while providing flexibility to those who may not be aware of these discussions in the community.

Like any network proposals, this will require at least 75% of the validator votes in two consecutive validation rounds to take effect.
The owners of the inactive mining wallets can opt out by activating their wallets at anytime before the end of the voting that will start on February 21, 2023. The full list of inactive mining wallets can be found here:

Wallets that did not receive Toncoin directly from the mining smart contracts ("Givers") or made an outgoing transaction at any time in the past will not be affected.

We are proud that TON is a uniquely decentralized blockchain community. Our mission of decentralization can be achieved as long as we have the active participation of the community, which we have today.

We strongly encourage the community to discuss and voice their opinions about this proposal.


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