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Teahouse Finance Launches Perp LP Vault!


Teahouse Finance Launches Perp LP Vault!

Perpetual Protocol

By Perpetual Protocol

Created 5 months ago, last updated 5 months ago
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Teahouse Finance Launches Perp LP Vault!

Teahouse Finance have released their first publicly available vault, the Perpetual Protocol LP strategy, which offers an estimated 39.33% APR by providing liquidity to cryptocurrency markets on Perpetual Protocol!

Check out the LP vault and start earning sustainable yield:

Deposited funds will be pooled together and utilized to market make on Perpetual Protocol. The yield is earned from the trading fees (in USDC) that are collected by the vault's liquidity position and Pool Party rewards (OP and PERP tokens), which are awarded to LPs every week.

To maximize the amount of trading fees collected by the vault's strategy, various inputs including volatility are used to dynamically adjust the LP ranges and hedge positions, while at the same time minimizing impermanent loss.

“We’ve heavily incentivized liquidity provision, including through our ‘Pool Party' program” said Yenwen Feng, founder and CEO of Perpetual Protocol. “However, it’s always been a challenge for liquidity providers to set and change LP ranges and leverage multipliers themselves. What Teahouse is doing will allow liquidity providers to deposit and forget, while earning a high-yield, passive income.”

To learn more about Teahouse Finance's Perp LP Vault, join us for an AMA on our Discord server on Thursday, January 12th at 2pm UTC.


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