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Awesome BitShares Blockchain - December 2022 edition

Table of Contents

Feature Explorer / Tech Deep Dives / How-to Guides

Awesome BitShares Blockchain - December 2022 edition


By BitShares

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Awesome BitShares Blockchain - December 2022 edition

BitShares is a Financial Web 3.0 Decentralized Blockchain

BitShares Blockchain is an industrial-grade decentralized Web 3.0 platform built for high-performance financial means and smart contracts. It represents the first decentralized autonomous community that enables its core token holders to decide its future direction and financial products. In contrast to other smart contracting platform, its strictly focused on security and reliability which allowed BitShares Blockchain to become the largest host of decentralized exchanges worldwide.

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Awesome BitShares Blockchain

A curated list of resources around the BitShares Blockchain and its ecosystem.

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Blockchain API

Given that many businesses and community members operate their own API endpoints, duplicating that list here would be unecessary efforts. Hence, we here link to the list of nodes as used in the reference wallet on

Extended APIs

There are some extended APIs provided by the community.

Kibana and ElasticSearch Endpoints

Kibana and ElasticSearch endpoints can be used to query blockchain data and perform visualizations.

Opensource Wallets

Hosted Wallets

Warning: Since these are hosted wallets, they may have access to your private account credentials and thus, your account may be at risk. Do your own research before using them.

Hosted Mainnet Wallets

Hosted Testnet Wallets

Hardware Wallets

Blockchain Explorers

  • - supports both Mainnet and the public testnet. The back end is closed source, the front end is open source. It is an improved version of the open-source BitShares blockchain explorer open-explorer.


Libraries capable of communicating with the BitShares blockchain.

C++ Libraries

Go Libraries

Java Libraries

  • graphenej - Graphene Java lib for mobile app Developers.
  • bitshares-kit - A Kotlin/JVM based library for BitShares blockchain.

JavaScript Libraries

Python Libraries

PHP Libraries

Tools and Scripts

Projects Using the BitShares Blockchain

Warning: Being listed here is not endorsement nor does it provide any credibility to these projects. Even though the authors of this list have high quality standards, limited resources prevent them from keeping this list up-to-date with respect to their credibility. Use this list at your own risk and do your own research!


  • GDEX
  • ioBanker
  • XBTS
  • AEX - A centralized exchange with its exchange token (GAT) and stable coins (CNC) on BitShares
  • BitShares Management Group - StakeBTS program (inactive)





  • Apptrade - A profit sharing marketplace, described as “the stock market for apps”, that runs on the BitShares blockchain.
  • BitShares Management Group - StakeBTS program (inactive)
  • Compumatrix - Business process outsourcing and home-based employment.
  • EVRAZ - Global System of Electronic Payments on BitShares
  • Lykke
  • PalmPay - A chain-agnostic Point Of Sale system, using Bitshares DEx, in 104 languages.
  • Quintric
  • Moneda Par - A non-profit based in Argentina that allows the exchange of goods and services through mutual loans.

Other Blockchains in the BitShares Family

BitShares being the first that is build on the Graphene or graphene-like base system, other blockchains have been deployed that make use of the very same foundations:

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