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[Press-Release] NEOPIN to accelerate ecosystem expansion: Major onboarding of 15 Gaming, Metaverse, Service, and NFT projects.

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[Press-Release] NEOPIN to accelerate ecosystem expansion: Major onboarding of 15 Gaming, Metaverse, Service, and NFT projects.



5 months ago
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[Press-Release] NEOPIN to accelerate ecosystem expansion: Major onboarding of 15 Gaming, Metaverse, Service, and NFT projects.

- 15 blockchain projects including 4 P2E games, 1 metaverse, 7 services, and 3 NFTs, are scheduled to be onboarded to NEOPIN.
- NEOPIN’s open platform is designed to provide use cases for gaming, metaverse, services, and NFT projects.
- NEOPIN’s global presence will grow further through partnerships with major global projects.

[2022–1012] NEOPIN, a blockchain company, announced on the 12th that it will accelerate the ecosystem expansion through major onboarding of 15 projects in gaming, metaverse, service and NFTs. Focusing on the DeFi service, NEOPIN plans to establish itself as a ‘global blockchain open platform’ by providing various use cases of the platform through ‘one-stop service’.

For gaming, more games are scheduled to be onboarded in addition to currently onboard ‘Brave Nine’ and ‘Crypto Golf Impact’, both developed by NEOWIZ. The list includes Blockchain gaming platform. ‘Epic League’, Strategy & Board P2E game ‘Klay Dice’, Virtual world P2E game, ‘SheepFarm in Metaland’, and Metaverse and NFT platform ‘Klay Meta’, to which the NEOPIN Wallet is to be connected.

In metaverse, ‘JEFF World’, Danal’s community metaverse platform that connects the virtual and real worlds, is scheduled. For services, Blockchain-based singing content platform, ‘SOMESING’, Real asset tokenization project ‘Elysia’, Soon-to-be-launched restaurant R2E (Review to Earn) service, ‘Lazy Gourmet Club’, Activity reward platform by LILLIUS, ‘LILLI T2E (Training to Earn)’, F2E (Fan to Earn) NFT platform, ‘MetaBeat’, Virtual asset investment information news platform, ‘Coinness’, and Klaytn’s first domain service ‘KNS (Klaytn Name Service)’ are going to be onboarded.

For NFTs, NFTs of ‘3space Art’, a NFT project specializing in art works, ‘BMall’, Korea’s leading NFT marketplace, and ‘300FIT’, Korea’s leading sports NFT platform, which have been recently partnered with NEOPIN, are currently supported within the platform. The NEOPIN ecosystem will be further expanded by connecting the NEOPIN Wallet to marketplaces for each project in the upcoming days.

Targeting the global DeFi market by strengthening the 4 Core Strategies
In August, NEOPIN announced its goal for the second half of the year centered on four keywords: Web 3.0, Multi-Chain, NFT, and Launchpad. However, as the categories of onboarding partners become diverse and the number of them increases, the existing keywords have been re-established. The four new strategic keywords, which are conceptually further advanced, are Crypto Finance (inclusive of DeFi), Real Life Connection (inclusive of existing S2E, etc.), Gaming (inclusive of P2E, etc.), and Community (positioning as a platform partner, inclusive of Launchpad).

NEOPIN is a blockchain open platform that connects and expands the ecosystem through Gaming, Metaverse, Service, and NFTs, centering on various DeFi services such as staking, yield farming, and swap. ​​Recently, the NFT business has also been strengthened by adding the NFT wallet feature and expanding partners. NEOPLY, a parent company of NEOPIN and a subsidiary of NEOWIZ Holdings, is known to have a solid technical background and extensive experience in the blockchain business. Apart from its node operating experience since 2018, NEOPLY has participated in the Klaytn Governance Council and operated various virtual asset services such as ‘nBlocks’ and ‘EOSeoul’.

NEOPIN’s CEO, Jeehwan Kim, said, “Unlike general DeFi, which only provides services such as staking and swap, NEOPIN pursues to be an ‘open platform’ that encompasses games, metaverses, services, NFTs, and more. We will increase NEOPIN’s presence in the global market and expand our ecosystem through continuous onboardings and partnerships with major and upcoming projects.”


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