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Guest Series: NFT Metaverse GameFi 2022 - CoinEx Interview

Marketing / Metaverse / NFTs

Guest Series: NFT Metaverse GameFi 2022 - CoinEx Interview


By placewar

Created 9 months ago, last updated 9 months ago
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Guest Series: NFT Metaverse GameFi 2022 - CoinEx Interview

AC Capital, CoinVoice, Asia Token Fund, PlaceWar, and Block Tides initiated by the metaverse information aggregation to host its first-ever largest NFT Metaverse GameFi 2022. In collaboration with PlaceWar, the team interviewed other sponsors and projects for the upcoming event. The event gathers builders, entrepreneurs, investors, and experts from metaverse, brands, gaming, social, avatars, NFTs, Web3, and beyond.

The 5 companies' goal is to build high-end communication and connections for the metaverse, stimulate unlimited business opportunities for brands, and create the event with a global metaverse ecosystem.

We asked the key delegates two same questions,

Myrtle Anne: Blockchain for the Metaverse: What's your company's mission for us to achieve mass adoption?

CoinEx: Committed to the mission of “Via Blockchain, Making The World A Better Place”, CoinEx will act as a bridge linking users and the crypto world as well as a gateway for users to the crypto space, providing more blockchain infrastructure and crypto services for the general public. To this end, CoinEx will strive to lower the threshold to the metaverse by offering users opportunities to invest and trade in the section as always.

NFT and crypto assets are essential in the metaverse, and such diverse and personalized assets also constitute the cornerstone of this field. We will go on with our efforts to make crypto trading easier. In other words, what we do is to make it easy for ordinary investors to trade these crypto assets in the metaverse. At CoinEx, you can trade and invest in the assets in the metaverse conveniently. At the same time, CSC enables developers and users to issue and trade NFT at low costs. What’s more, with ViaWallet, users can send, receive, and trade NFT.

Myrtle Anne: How does your project globally educate people regarding the NFTs, GameFi, and Metaverses?

CoinEx: CoinEx has kept close track of the metaverse, and has come into contact with many projects related to the metaverse, GameFi and NFT when listing coins on the exchange. We have set areas exclusive for these projects in the Coin List on the exchange for the convenience of users.

Of course, we will always strictly evaluate the quality of related projects listed and focus on value discovery, in a bid to identify the best innovative crypto assets and help users seize the first-mover advantage in the market. In addition, the detailed crypto information and market data on the exchange could equip users with more knowledge of the cryptocurrency and the metaverse, NFT and GameFi, to help them make well-informed investment choices. Last but not least, we will regularly hold such events as “Learn to Earn” in the community to encourage users to learn crypto-related knowledge, and there will be more relevant events. Welcome to trade on CoinEx Exchange and stay tuned.

About the Founder of CoinEx

Haipo Yang the founder of CoinEx, he has steered the team from Bitcoin-related business to the trading market, whose abundant good practices are worthy of reference by many other insiders. In this in-depth interview, Yang talked about many subjects such as the status quo of Bitcoin, Musk and the crypto market, DeFi innovation, and the landscape of public chains, which may provide you with some enlightenment.








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