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POODL Token Removes Roadblocks to Investing through Strategic Exchange Partnerships

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POODL Token Removes Roadblocks to Investing through Strategic Exchange Partnerships


By poodltoken

a year ago
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POODL Token Removes Roadblocks to Investing through Strategic Exchange Partnerships

By Joe Way, PhD, CTS 03/22/2022

While crypto trading in the United States grew from 3% to 12% in 2021, new investors are still extremely weary about how to safely exchange between tokens, especially when wanting to ride the memecoin and altcoin trend. Having to move money multiple times across various platforms can be seen as a barrier to the growth of crypto. New investors who enter the market by downloading the hottest crypto applications do not always understand the nuances between a centralized exchange and DeFi trading. The POODL team has been working to support more direct purchasing options.

$POODL Token has solved the problem for their investors through strategic partnerships with,, and By allowing easy, fast, safe, and security cross-chain transactions, investors using Swapzone and StealthEX are able to move funds from a centralized–or decentralized–wallet holding one coin, like $BTC or $ETH, and convert it into $POODL in one simple action. The process allows for a deposit to be sent from one blockchain wallet directly to the exchange partner; the exchange makes the trade and sends the POODL Token to the holder’s new Binance Smart Chain-compatible wallet address. The timeframe is dependent upon the speed of the selected blockchains, but often completes in just minutes. Guardarian serves as a bridge between fiat and crypto, allowing users to spend standard global currencies like Euros, US dollars, British pounds, and even Visa and Mastercard to buy POODL directly, with the POODL token being sent directly to the buyer’s preferred DeFi wallet.
Swapzone is a cryptocurrency exchange aggregator that allows users to “browse through services, compare exchange rates, analyze and swap cryptocurrency in just one interface.” POODL’s weekly podcast, POODLCAST, recently sat down with Swapzone’s Marketing Manager, Olya V, to discuss the addition of POODL to their platform: “I have always been a huge supporter of $POODL because of your community. I have been watching for a while, and when I saw that POODL was available to add, I reached right out,” said Olya. Listen and view Olya’s appearance on the POODLCAST here:
StealthEX touts itself as “friendly, private, and limitless,” that provides non-custodial cryptocurrency exchanges without having to create an account. Maria Carola, Chief Marketing Officer, also joined a recent POODLCAST episode and explained that StealthEX exists to simplify the trading process, because crypto traders do not have to understand how various chains work or even know that other blockchains exist. Maria explained the reason for listing POODL: “After evaluating the technical ability for the POODL to be listed, I went to the community to learn about the people, and saw exactly how non-toxic it is. We see a supportive community, open to new services.” Maria adds, “this is what we value.” POODLCAST. Listen and view Maria’s appearance on the POODLCAST here:
Guardarian is “building the bridge between fiat and crypto.” Through a simple widget embedded on either the front page or Guardarian website, users simply choose which fiat payment method they prefer, add their crypto wallet address, and in minutes their POODL is delivered. The POODL team selected Guardarian because they share the common belief that “the best user experience” is a must to build investor confidence.
Thanks to POODL Token’s partnerships with Swapzone, StealthEX, and Guardarian, investors can now confidently, safely, and effortly purchase POODL in any method that best suits them. The POODL team is continually developing strategic partnerships that benefit their vibrant community and welcome serious inquiries.


$POODL is a community-owned and managed BEP20 token, traded on the Binance Smart Chain, with Top 10 rankings on LunarCrush and the Binance Smart Chain for bullish sentiment and five years of locked liquidity with Unicrypt. 3% of each transaction is taxed with 1% burn, 1% redistribution to token holders, .33% to charity, .33% to marketing, and .33% to the liquidity pool. POODL is verified on Telegram, Twitter, and OpenSea, and hosts a weekly live YouTube podcast, the POODLCAST, to keep holders informed on new developments and meet the community.

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