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Champion Spotlight (Part 2- Witch)

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Champion Spotlight (Part 2- Witch)

ASPO World

By ASPO World

Created a year ago, last updated a year ago
2 mins read
Champion Spotlight (Part 2- Witch)

The second character class of ASPO World is Witch, including two sub-classes: Asura and Enchanter. Unlike the Fighter character class, the Witch class's general system is completely different in terms of gameplay and fighting style.

The default class for Witch is Asura. Asura is a general who possesses a pair of power gloves called Codex with the ability to enhance their attacks. Asura's moves are more destructive, dealing damage that spreads from a single target to two other nearby enemies. With attack skills that mostly target 2 or more targets, this champion deals lightning damage across a wide area, creating an advantage for players' squads in PvE and PvP matches. In addition, when gaining enough passive points, Asura can also finish a single target and deal additional damage to random spirits of the opposing team.

When reaching level 65, players can switch to Enchanter. With the presence of the book of genius in the character's appearance, Enchanter is the champion with the best ability to cover, defend and support teammates among all of ASPO World's champion choices. By using the curse effect, the Enchanter counters and deals powerful counterattacks against parties with thick layers of health. In addition, this general also has the ability to passively revive other Spirits in the player's squad, helping the squad recover a small amount of health, increasing the ability to turn the situation around when the opponent is too strong.

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