A Deep Dive Into Blockasset

A Deep Dive Into Blockasset

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The platform aims to connect sports fan with their favorite athletes — all through NFTs.

A Deep Dive Into Blockasset

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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are widely considered to be the future of ownership for users, given that they have the potential to change the way assets are tracked, verified, exchanged and utilized.
In the third quarter of 2021 alone, NFT sales volume surged to $10.7 billion. Blockasset — an upcoming NFT collection and marketplace platform for athletes — looks to help further grow the NFT market by tapping the unique properties of Solana to bring the benefits of NFTs to the hundreds of millions of sports and athletics fans worldwide. 

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What Is Blockasset?

Blockasset is an athlete-verified NFT platform built on the Solana blockchain platform. It empowers fans to take direct ownership of digital sports cards and art NFTs by storing them securely on the blockchain and managing them through their private wallets. 

By providing access to exclusive content, NFT-derived utility and fan-oriented experiences, Blockassets forms a close-knit community between fans and athletes — it hopes to create an ecosystem that connects fans with their favorite athletes and provide new opportunities for fan engagement, rewards and growth. 

The platform has its own native utility token, known as $BLOCK. The token is used for a variety of purposes, including staking to access NFT rewards, airdrops and marketplace discounts; yield farming a secondary token known as nBLOCK which is itself used for listing and purchasing exclusive NFTs; and helping to govern the platform by voting on new NFT collections, experiences and tiers. 

Beyond this, holders gain access to a range of services, some of which include:

  • Avatar creation: users can create an entirely unique Blockasset NFT avatar upon signing up to the platform.

  • Marketplace: the Blockasset marketplace provides an open and transparent market for buying/selling NFTs with speedy transactions and ultra-low fees, where $BLOCK tokens can be used to boost listings.

  • Fiat Gateway: Blockasset’s fiat gateway allows those with zero-crypto knowledge to purchase NFTs, helping to provide exposure to their benefits.

  • Collection page: each user receives a sticker book that doubles as an NFT display page used for showing off their current NFT collections. 

How Does Blockasset Work?

Blockasset looks to connect sports fans with their favorite athletes through the unique properties and capabilities of NFTs.

The platform works by connecting verified athletes to fans through an online platform and marketplace where fans are able to access NFT-based content from a wide variety of brands, sports stars and other providers.  

Through Blockasset, fans will be able to better interact with athletes and other famous figures and join them as their career and fame grow through a variety of NFT-based products. 

The platform introduces the concept of NFT tiers to help stratify the way fans can engage with athletes and their content. As it stands, the three tiers are Legends, Moments and Gaming. 

Legends NFTs are fully authenticated NFT collectibles produced and backed by some of the greatest athletes of all time — each of these has unique perks associated with them. Moments NFTs each represent a unique highlight moment in an athlete’s career, and will be created and distributed with a quality over quantity approach, making them the main collectibles assets in the Blockasset ecosystem. Lastly, Gaming NFTs take the fan experience to another new level, by helping to power the economy of several modern Play to Earn (P2E) sports games. 

There are a number of perks associated with being an NFT holder on the platform, these potentially include:

  1. Athlete access: NFT holders gain access to exclusive social communities with regular athlete AMAs, special video calls, and more. 

  2. Athlete content: NFT holders can voice their opinion and take on the role of content producer by submitting ideas for the next athlete video, and also gain first access to exclusive content before anyone else. 

  3. Athlete rewards: all NFT holders have a chance to win real-world perks like meets & greets, merchandise, and event tickets. These are distributed based on the results of a lottery system. 

Blockasset’s sports media arm aims to slowly introduce the sporting audience to NFTs and their unique features through an intuitive, accessible platform that makes owning, using and trading NFTs a simple task. This will leverage athlete-packed YouTube clips, short films, documentaries, podcasts and exclusive content to deliver its features to a wide audience. 

The BLOCK token generation event (TGE) is currently scheduled for Dec. 9, following its initial DEX offerings (IDOs) on Solanium and DAO Maker.

How to Use Blockasset

  1. Users start by creating their own unique avatar. The avatar is a custom collectible with its own rarity level that has unique governance rights, which can be sold on the Blockasset marketplace.

  2. Complete onboarding by setting up the user profile. This might include completing a number of tasks such as buying an NFT, adding the avatar to other socials like Twitter, and more. 

  3. Users then begin collecting NFTs through a sticker book-style page that can be accessed after signing up. The page can be used to view all their current collectibles or connect to the marketplace to buy new NFTs with either fiat or crypto. 

  4. Vote, interact and connect. NFT holders can take part in monthly lotteries, receive airdrops and have governing rights, all while being connected to their favorite athletes.

  5. Join the community. The platform acts as the hub for athlete fans to meet, connect and have fun while sharing the best moments of their favorite sports superstars. 

What Makes Blockasset Unique?

Blockasset has taken up the lofty goal of bringing sports fans closer to their favorite athletes and disrupting the sports collectibles and merch industries through a unified suite of NFT products. To help it accomplish its goals, it boasts a few distinguishing features, including:

Launchpad and Custom Marketplace

Blockasset’s primary feature is its NFT launchpad, which gives sports brands, agencies and athletes the tools they need to provide high-quality NFT memorabilia, collectibles and experiences to their fans.

On top of this, sports brands and agencies will have access to a bespoke NFT marketplace solution, whereby Blockasset provides the technology for clients to allow their fans, followers and users to easily trade their NFTs through an intuitive branded marketplace. 

Brands that choose to leverage this service will have access to Blockasset’s in-house design team, marketing support, API and subdomain integration, to provide a seamless experience. 

Community Reward System

Blockasset integrates Discord and Twitter to power its community reward system. This sees users earn rewards in the form of points for completing certain actions, such as buying NFTs on the marketplace and providing support on social media. As users complete more milestones, they’ll climb the leaderboards and will be able to redeem their points for prizes — such as exclusive NFT drops, real-world signed merch and meet and greets with Blockasset athletes. 

Blockstars Game

The first game built in the Blockasset ecosystem will be a proprietary title known as Blockstars. As a five-a-side soccer simulation game, Blockstars will feature many of the unique use-cases enabled by the Blockasset platform, including NFT trading, rewards, and real-world perks as well as sustainable play to earn mechanics. 

The game will include both online and single-player modes, player-owned assets, elite player sponsorships, stadium leasing and a huge range of other features that demonstrate the capabilities of Blockasset’s game engine. 

Sports Giants Partners

Blockasset will feature exclusive NFT drops from a huge range of well-known athletes, and already has an impressive roster of top-tier talent locked and ready to go. 

Built on Solana
Although NFTs have proven to be an incredibly promising technology, some of the more popular NFT collections and platforms are now largely inaccessible, due to the limitations of the Ethereum blockchain (namely high fees and congestion). 

To get around this, and make NFTs accessible to the widest possible audience, Blockasset is building on the Solana blockchain — which benefits from low fees, high throughput and low latency. 

Blockasset hopes that this will minimize the barrier to entry, to make NFT collectibles and experiences just as popular as traditional ones. 

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