A no-coiner is someone who has no cryptocurrency in his or her investment portfolio and firmly believes that cryptocurrency in general will fail.

What Is a No-Coiner?

A no-coiner is someone who believes cryptocurrencies have minimal value and/or are doomed to fail. Consequently, they don’t hold Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or any other digital currency. It needs to be noted that a lack of crypto coins in a person’s portfolio is not enough to label someone a no-coiner. Instead, the no-coiner tag stems from their attitude or philosophy about cryptocurrencies.
Some dictionaries, such as Urban Dictionary, place more weight on the attitude part than the lack of coins in their bags. For instance, it describes a no-coiner as a person who failed to invest in Bitcoin during the coin’s early days.

As a result, they express their bitterness to those who embraced the opportunity. Notably, they manifest their anger or frustrations through constant reminders that BTC and the cryptocurrency industry is no more than a scam or a bubble that is headed for ruins.

No-coiners suffer from what philosophers call ressentiment. As such, they redirect their failures and pains to external factors. Interestingly, those who don’t believe in cryptocurrencies exude the same fierceness as those who do.

In other words, they’re not just skeptical; they’re hysterically confident that the world has no place for digital currencies. Despite having evidence that cryptos have use cases, no-coiners only see their usage by criminals and other dubious activities.