What Is Rune (RUNE) And How To Play It?
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What Is Rune (RUNE) And How To Play It?

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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Rune (RUNE), a dark fantasy gaming universe where players fight good and evil to earn rewards.

What Is Rune (RUNE) And How To Play It?

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Rune (RUNE) is another addition to the ever-increasing popular world of NFT games. Players earn runes (crypto) by fighting against rival players, AI, and raiding yield farms in a dark fantasy gaming universe. Being an active participant in the Rune (RUNE) community also helps players earn runes and establish their presence in the game.

Gameplay Of Rune

The world of the Rune presents a plethora of opportunities for its players. They can choose from seven different NFT heroes, including Barbarian, Paladin, Druid, and 4 others. The basic principle behind the game is to play the Rune Evolution game and earn crypto. Heroes can equip Runewords (powerful weapons, NFTs) as players fight against each other and win prizes. 
Players can also join a clan/faction, known as a 'guild' in the game. They can make new friends and collectively win prizes for the guild. The NFT Marketplace is an interesting factor of Rune (RUNE) where players can buy different weapons and armor or upgrade their current ones. According to the official website, this NFT game is poised to receive updates continuously from its developers. Moreover, the ecosystem is completely dedicated to gamers without the involvement of any third party.

How To Play Rune?

The basic theme of the game is set in a dark fantasy universe where players have to fight other players to earn $RUNES. The ecosystems have four different sets of games (activities) within itself including:

1. Rune Evolution (P2E)

Players are required to have MetaMask wallet and connect it to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The next step is to create a character that players will use to participate in the Rune Evolution game. 

After creating the character, the player uses it throughout the game, in this case, a small dragon that can eat 'sprites' which are like small butterflies hovering all over the screen. The more sprites a dragon eats, the larger it will grow. If a player's dragon is larger than the other dragons (players in the game) then it can eat the smaller ones and gain points on the 'Sprite Leader' scoreboard.

Note: Players can choose from a variety of realms (game servers) that are based on real locations, including Europe, North America, Asia, and so on. However, if a player chooses a server that is far away from them, for example, a player lives in North America and chooses Asia, they will start to face ping issues.

2. Rune Farm (Yield Farming) 

Rune farm requires $RUNE tokens that can either be won through Rune Evolution or bought from crypto exchanges, such as Rune Swap. From a total of 33 unique runes present in the Rune ecosystem, each can be acquired by only two methods: 
  1. Raiding farms 
  1. Providing liquidity
To raid farms, players must acquire runes as mentioned before, and create a raiding strategy by listing down the farms and pools with the highest returns. Once players have acquired a liquidity pool (LP) token they must stake the token into a farm and wait for their yield to grow, after which they can harvest it by raiding the farm. 

3. Runewords (NFTs) 

Runewords (NFTs) are the most exciting part of the Rune Ecosystem, as this is where players can craft their weapons, armor, and select their hero. The attributes associated with Runewords make them unique and powerful. A strategy in this case can either help players win powerful battles or lose to other players with a superior strategy. RUNES - the trading currency of the Rune ecosystem is required to create a Runeword. These tokens can be purchased from the NFT marketplace, won through Rune Evolution, or acquired by raiding farms.  

4. Rune Infinite Arena (PvP)

Rune Infinite Arena (PvP) is a platform for players to win rewards by competing against other players. With a 15-minute time-out, players have to dominate other players with their weapons, armor, and hero to win prizes in this web-based 2D topdown game. The game rewards those who remain alive after 15 minutes are up. The winner is awarded either NFTs or crypto for their performance in the Rune Infinity Area.

Who Created Rune (RUNE)?

The entire ecosystem of Rune is built by an anonymous team that calls themselves 'Binzy'. The team has decided to keep their identity hidden to safeguard the users of Rune from the future regulations in the DeFi world that may be imposed by authorities. Binzy welcomes anyone who wants to join their platform and contribute towards the success of their mission that is to achieve crypto excellence by creating a fully connected world.

RUNE Tokenomics

There is a maximum supply of 22,530 RUNE tokens. From this supply, a total of 19,300 tokens were left after 3,230 were burned by the creators of the NFT platform.

The fees charged for RUNE tokens are as follows:

  • 1% transfer fee 
  • Up to 1% vault fee ( 0.10% charity fee + 0.10% dev fee) 

All of these fees are accumulated in a vault and spent on community-building events, including upgrades, marketing, and so on. 

RUNE Price

Rune (RUNE) is now trading at $211, as of August 23, 2021.

RUNE Price Prediction

As of August 20, 2021, Rune (RUNE) is trading at $211. So far, the token's price has increased by about 21.12% in the past 24 hours. Seeing the ever-growing popularity of NFT games such as Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, DogemonGo, Lost Relics, and many others, it seems that the future belongs to the world of NFT. The whole gaming community which is estimated to be worth billions of dollars is a potential target market for NFT games. Rune (RUNE) has seen a steep rise in popularity as new players are joining this community constantly. This may be good news to all RUNE holders who plan to invest in this NFT platform over a long period. There is a high possibility that RUNE will hit $300, considering its community and roadmap, however, NFT-based projects share the same element of speculation and volatility as other crypto projects, which means that despite their immense potential, strong ups and downs can likely be expected. It is advised to invest in this NFT game after consulting with crypto analysts and financial experts. 
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