What Is Katana Inu? A Deep Dive into the Upcoming Play-to-Earn Battle Royale Game

What Is Katana Inu? A Deep Dive into the Upcoming Play-to-Earn Battle Royale Game

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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into Katana Inu, an upcoming battle royale game featuring AAA-quality graphics, player-created NFTs, and multiple game modes.

What Is Katana Inu? A Deep Dive into the Upcoming Play-to-Earn Battle Royale Game

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Katana Inu is an upcoming battle royale type game that is currently being built on an Ethereum second-layer solution.
As a play-to-earn game, Katana Inu introduces several elements that allow players to earn a real income from their in-game activities. It will also include free-to-play mechanics, allowing players to get started with the game without requiring an upfront investment.
The game primarily centers around open-world player-vs-player (PvP) battles that see winners earn rewards for defeating their foes. It stands out from other NFT-enabled games in that artists will be able to create their own in-game skins and mint these as limited edition NFTs for deployment and sale within the game.
The KATA token has a variety of functions both inside and outside of the main Katana Inu game. It's used for in-game transactions, governance, staking, and marketplace payments. Katana Inu is being developed by Chain Vision, a Germany-based development agency that works with a variety of established game studios to build creative, cryptocurrency-powered gaming titles. The team includes experienced builders, developers, marketers, and strategists, and is backed by a range of advisors.

How Does Katana Inu Work?

Katana Inu is designed to demonstrate the capabilities of blockchain enabled games. It achieves this by blending AAA-grade 3D graphics with fully player-owned assets and a unique in-game economy to provide a fun, competitive, and ultimately rewarding experience to players.

The game's primary mode is a PvP battle royale system that allows players to take their characters and in-game items into battle to win items. These items can be used or minted as an NFT and sold on the in-game marketplace. A total of 100 players will compete in each battle royale session, with the top ranking players set to win large prizes.

Besides the Battle Royale mode, Katana Inu will include several other game modes, including capture the flag, 5-vs-5 battles, races, and tournaments. The number of game modes available is set to expand with time.

Katana Inu will feature various in-game items that are represented on the blockchain as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Some of these items will be purely cosmetic, such as player skins, whereas others will augment a character’s abilities, such as power ups and upgrades.

All Katana Inu NFTs will be tradeable on the game’s built-in NFT marketplace, where items can be bought or sold using KATA or ETH.

The game is being built on an Ethereum layer-2 solution, similar to Axie Infinity’s Ronin sidechain. This will help keep fees low ensuring the game is as accessible as possible. The KATA token will be deployed as an ERC-20 asset on the Ethereum blockchain and a BEP-20 asset on Binance Smart Chain (with a cross-chain bridge).

Katana Inu has a detailed roadmap that is broadly separated into four phases, some of the main plans for each phase include:

  • Phase 1: Complete smart contract audit, release first Katanu Inu characters, launch first charity concept (Vision World Animal Welfare), and increase collaboration with game studios
  • Phase 2: Ramp up game development, launch e-commerce platform, and secure centralized exchange (CEX) listings
  • Phase 3: Deploy token on layer-2, launch NFT marketplace, and unveil game beta version
  • Phase 4: Launch game beta version, launch NFT skins, and execute several charity campaigns

The KATA token presale will be made available on PAID Network’s Ignition platform on December 21, whereas its initial DEX offerings (IDOs) will be hosted on several BlueZilla launchpads, including BSCPad, GameZone, and NFTLaunch, on December 23.

The KATA token generation event is set to take place on December 23, with listings to follow on PancakeSwap and later Uniswap.

What Makes Katana Inu Unique?

Katana Inu is throwing its hat into the increasingly crowded play-to-earn arena, which now includes a range of heavyweight gaming titles, as well as a plethora of lower-quality options. Billed as an “AAA PC game”, Katana Inu looks to cement its position among the top quality play-to-earn offerings through a variety of unique features:

NFT Marketplace

As a game built around player-owned assets, Katana Inu looks to provide a rewarding experience to players. It achieves this by allowing players to win NFTs of various rarity and utility by simply playing the game. These can be either equipped or sold for revenue via the built in NFT marketplace.

This NFT marketplace will also be opened up to artists and creatives, who can offer up their own NFT collections on the platform. A chunk of the fees generated by the NFT marketplace will be directed into Katana Inu’s token buyback initiative.

Full-fledged PC Game

Unlike many blockchain-powered games, which often feel like simple mini-games or half-baked concepts. Katana Inu looks to be shaping up into a bonafide premium quality PC game title that will feature the depth users would expect from a full-fledged game.

Though the primary game will feature an open world map within which players take part in a 100-player battle royale, a variety of other game modes will be added with time, based on both the initial roadmap and community input via the governance system.

Artist Opportunities

The game will feature a variety of skins for in-game characters. While some of these will be developed by the Katana Inu team, community artists will be able to develop and deploy their own skins within the game.

This not only unlocks an additional revenue stream for players and artistic entrepreneurs but also allows other games to host their own NFT crossovers.


Katana Inu looks to tackle some of the major challenges our planet is facing today through a variety of charitable initiatives. A fraction of its token supply will be directed towards several initial charity projects, including:

  • Building self-sustaining fountains in Africa
  • Reforestation efforts
  • Building orphanages and schools

Sustainable Tokenomics

Despite its meme-based origins, Katana Inu’s tokenomics were designed with a long-term focus. A total of 29% of the KATA token's circulating supply is reserved for staking and in-game rewards whereas a further 12% is allocated to liquidity and the Katana Inu treasury.

Team tokens will remain completely locked for 6 months following which they unlock linearly for three years. Likewise, seed sale, pre-sale, and public sale tokens all feature a cliff before they unlock linearly.

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