What Is FaraLand (FARA)?
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What Is FaraLand (FARA)?

We take a deep dive into FaraLands, a war strategy game on Binance Smart Chain.

What Is FaraLand (FARA)?

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FaraLand is the biggest war game ever launched on Binance Smart Chain. The platform  — which first started welcoming players in April 2021 — allows players to take turns and use their NFT-based warriors to try and beat their opponents.

FaraLand was created by Moon Knight Labs, a team of experienced blockchain developers and digital artists. Hung Nguyen is the CEO and CTO of Moon Knight Labs. He has extensive experience in building and developing decentralized applications, as well as upwards of ten years of experience as a software engineer. 

Tung Phan serves as the lead product strategy developer. He is a recognized multimedia artist with more than a decade of experience in creating various digital products. Nguyen Ha Viet Anh is the creative director at Moon Knight Labs in charge of the creative vision for FaraLand.

The Moon Knight Labs dream team is aiming to create the most popular and most interactive Binance Smart Chain play-to-earn opportunity with FaraLand. The game offers extensive gaming mechanics and effectively combines both non-fungible tokens and decentralized finance with the FARA native token. 

How Does FaraLand Work?

FaraLand is an interactive role-playing strategy war game, which allows players to use their NFTs as fighting characters. In the game, NFTs represent seven different classes of creatures: Humans, Orcs, Elves, Fairies, Dragonborns, Angels and Demons. Each of these different races possesses various character traits, which give players an array of benefits on the battlefield. 

Importantly, character NFTs can be upgraded through a wide array of additional items, including skins, armor and weapons. All of these boost the character’s performance in the arena. 

FaraLand Gameplay

One of the main points of recognition for FaraLand is the gameplay the platform offers. While many blockchain-based games still struggle to provide a real gaming feel, FaraLand developers have made sure to introduce interactive mechanics.
Because of the versatility NFTs offer, players get the ability to actually see how their characters move around the arena and battle competitors. This is a significant plus for FaraLand, drawing attention from gamers who are not yet part of the crypto community.

FaraLand Roadmap 

The FaraLand roadmap is separated into eight different phases, each focusing on improving aspects of the game and bringing new features and capabilities for players. 

Currently, the project is at its fourth phase, which aims to bring users a complete DAO platform. Additionally, FaraLand developers are working on introducing equipment enhancement as well as improved spellbooks. Phases five through eight include further developments focusing on the gameplay and side functionalities of the platform. 

With the completion of phase eight, FaraLand developers aim to have introduced guild battles and nationwide wars. What’s more, the gameplay and marketplace will allow users to purchase FaraLand plots and build their own space in the fictional universe. 

FaraLand Tokenomics and the FARA Token

As a modern play-to-earn platform, FaraLand is heavily dependent on its economic mechanisms. These include both in-game purchases and trades involving NFTs on the in-house and secondary marketplaces. 

A key element for implementing decentralized economics on the FaraLand platform is the native FARA token. The native token plays an important role in facilitating transactions on the platform. It also allows players to purchase NFT characters and enhancements, which in turn give them the opportunity to perform better in battles.

FARA currently has a circulating supply of 8,810,548 tokens, representing only about 9% of the total token supply. This means that there is still plenty of FARA to be minted and used in-game. 

What Makes FaraLand Unique?

FaraLand is a unique Binance Smart Chain project predominantly because of its ambitious roadmap and goal to become the number one RPG game on the chain. Not only that, the team behind the game has placed a heavy emphasis on the design and visual aspects of gameplay. This is a huge bonus in the eyes of dedicated gamers, who might not be too familiar with blockchain-based gaming. 
Not only that, FaraLand developers intentionally chose BSC as their host blockchain. The platform allows for fast transactions, which are also relatively cheap in terms of gas fees compared to major competitors like Ethereum. As a Binance Smart Chain project, FaraLand is also secured by the blockchain’s native consensus mechanism. This means that FaraLand relies on a hybrid consensus mix between proof-of-authority (PoA) and delegated-proof-of-stake (DPoS). 

As FaraLand develops and more players get involved, it aims to become the most visited BSC-based game. The idea behind the project is to involve not only crypto natives, but also passionate gamers who have not yet entered the world of blockchain technology.

Dive Into the FaraLand world

One of the main differentiating characteristics FaraLand prides itself on is the extensive gameplay. While many blockchain-based games are still trying to find a way to incorporate complex gaming elements alongside smart contract functionalities, FaraLand has already mastered that.

While getting started with the game is simple enough, becoming a master of FaraLand tactics takes a lot of time and dedication. FaraLand aims to pose a challenge to even the most experienced strategy gamers out there with numerous element combinations and thousands of squad variations. 

With this level of immersive gameplay, FaraLand is taking on the traditional gaming industry and setting the bar high for other blockchain-based projects. Players are definitely approving of this executive decision, as the game is steadily climbing the ranks and becoming a leader in the industry. 

What Are People Saying About FaraLand? 

Recently, FaraLand was recognized by Binance itself by becoming part of the Binance Smart Chain Project Spotlight. This is a big shoutout for the game, as the main purpose of the spotlight is to boost attention towards the project. The Spotlight report constitutes an interview with Faraland developers, and it gives the platform a chance to reach the wider Binance Smart Chain community.  
While Binance claims this is not an endorsement, merely featuring a project on the official Binance communications channels is a huge achievement. Considering this, Faraland now has more than 83,000 followers on Twitter. This is a remarkable achievement for a platform that launched only several months ago. 

In July 2021, FaraLand saw an extremely positive trend for its native token, FARA. The price for one FARA token spiked more than ten times, reaching an all-time high of $5.95. This positive price action got the community even more excited and further boosted interest in the FaraLand platform and gaming mechanics. 

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