What Is CryptoBlades (SKILL)?
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What Is CryptoBlades (SKILL)?

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CoinMarketCap takes a deep dive into CryptoBlades, a web-based role-playing game that runs on Binance Smart Chain.

What Is CryptoBlades (SKILL)?

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CryptoBlades is a groundbreaking blockchain-powered NFT RPG game that was launched on Binance Smart Chain and developed by Riveted Games, an award-winning video-game developer.

How Does CryptoBlades Work?

CryptoBlades offers a platform to its users where they engage in battle and enjoy rewards. After fighting opponents, winners gain SKILL tokens. Players can employ extra characters, equip unique weapons, and retool them to boost their total power. In an open market, players can exchange their avatars and equipment. They can also gamble their SKILL tokens. As per the official website, CryptoBlades has a total of 2901 holders with a market cap of $1,874,392.

How To Play CryptoBlades (SKILL)?

CryptoBlades is a web-based gaming platform that requires its players to have an active internet connection and have a registered account. To register, you can create an account on https://app.cryptblades.io/.

Binance Smart Chain is where CryptoBlades contracts are implemented. To pay for transaction fees, players need a specific quantity of BNB coin(s) in their wallets. Their wallets must be able to store both BNB and SKILL tokens. 

When it comes to the gameplay, gamers use strong weapons to combat and destroy adversaries and earn SKILL tokens. They may then use their SKILL tokens to create weapons of various levels of power and mint characters, both of which level up as the player earns experience. More SKILL tokens can be acquired as the weapon becomes more powerful.

CryptoBlades uses an NFT marketplace that allows users to trade their handcrafted products. The SKILL token also powers this portion of the ecosystem, adding to its utility. 

What Makes CryptoBlades (SKILL) Unique?

CryptoBlades is a blockchain game first and foremost, which implies that players control their NFTs (characters and weapons) and have the exclusive right to sell and trade them. The marketplace developed by the platforms allows players to look for characters and weapons posted by other players, as well as create their own arsenal. Each transaction is subject to a minor fee.

CryptoBlades has built a game that is both healthy and robust, with a long-term rewards scheme. With the incorporation of the recent Oracle, players may anticipate equal benefits. CryptoBlades can grow and reward like no other game on the internet, thanks to the power of blockchain and BSC.

It should be noted that CryptoBlades is an online game, which means that for it to stay relevant, it has to constantly evolve. This means that, unlike other crypto projects, CryptoBlades will add new features and benefits at a faster pace, which may be an advantageous situation for the players who invest their time & finance in this game. 

CryptoBlades (SKILL) Token Price

CryptoBlades (SKILL) is now trading at $51.23, as of August 11, 2021. Its 24-hour trading volume on exchanges is around USD $19,825,414.07

CyptoBlades And The Esports Industry

Even though CryptoBlades does not fall into the esports category, it shares great similarities with these games. CryptoBlades offers its users a web-based platform where they engage in online battles (a prominent feature of esports industry) to earn rewards. Such a similarity may help the platform by attracting a large audience that is already following the esports industry.

Who Created CryptoBlades?

The creators of CryptoBlades are young entrepreneurs who also have huge interests in the online gaming industry. Millions of players invest their time and money in games that in return offer them in-game rewards and upgrades. CryptoBlades (SKILL) may be able to cash this opportunity by offering and marketing its token to online gamers who can use their skills to excel this game and earn financial benefits in the process.

When Will CryptoBlades (SKILL) Hit $100? 

As of August 11, 2021, CryptoBlades (SKILL) is trading at $51.23. So far, the token's price has appreciated by about 36.78% in the past 24 hours. As of now, it is not possible to predict the price of CryptoBlades due to the presence of various volatile factors, such as the steep increase in the market interest for Esports and other coins being introduced to the market with a similar theme to CryptoBlades which may trigger competition and saturation.
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